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Writing The Legend of Sephalon: Unholy water [PG13-LSV]


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Here's a story based on a book I've written. The origanal is The Legend of Sephalon. BOOK 1: the legend of eternia. (eternia is from he-man but I didn't know that when I named it.)

In a land far away a goddess let out her anger on the peaceful soil of her creation.
A boy named Loch who fell into a coma which lasted about 20 years. When he awoke he met someone and started of with him. Many adventures rose and he destroyed the goddes. Now over 100 years later they will arise from a slumber indused from the battles.

Awake I order you.

"who the? Who said that?"

"Ahh that voice is it Loch?"

"Yes, whoever you are."

"oh how rude! My name is Vendortai."

"What kind of language is your name from?"

"That is of no importance."

(a chamber reveals a woman. It is Monaca. Loch's love.)

" Loch where are we?"

"Don't know."

"Why your in my laboratory. Its in the capital of the the east continnent."

" So we are in Baczater?"

"What the hell is that? THis is no Baczater boy it's Neilahem."

"HOw many years has it been since the battle with the goddess?"

"100 years."

"Huh then why aren't we dead?"

"THat's simple you've been fozen. Because you were on the virge of death we saved your body."

"Whoa. Burrr! I'm cold."

" oh!!! I forgot your clothes."


"OH those won't do. There's a hole on the front."

"Well hide it!!!"

" Wait a second boy I will find you new clothes."

"Stop calling me boy. My name is Loch."

"Not anymore. If they knew you were here they would kill me."

"Who would kill you?"

'THe Virgin crusaders."

" You swore!!"

" They are named that because they are pure worriors."

"Why would they kill you then."

"Well they are no longer pure. Due to Unholy water they are demonic."

"Unholy water?"

"It is a chemical in the water that destroys all humanity left in a person."

"but what is my new name. You mentioned my real name is not real."

"That is for you to decide.
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