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Liberation Transmission

Anakoni Stark

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Which is the new title of the third album by Lost Prophets.

I'm leaking the album right now.

I still dont know how many songs are on the album, I heard 12, 17, 20.....

But nevertheless it's going to be a great album.

Good songs besides their newest single "Rooftops" I've heard are:

Our Broken Hearts [which reminds me of a million miles from home, good metal sound but no orchestra at the end]

It's Not Ok [the first time I read the title, I was like woah, chemical hateness. YES! but turns out it might be the opening interlude to the record because of it's length (1:05)]

Everday Combat [they put a metal sound on what it sounds like to live in the world we live in now. war / propagada / chaos / etc. I still dont understand why they aim at the demilitarized zone though....]

I was riding the tube, and I saw the cover of the record, What do the three latin words at the phoneix's feet translate to? just wondering

This Album is released on 26June06

If you have leaked the album I want to know what you guys think!

Leon Fury.
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