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Art Banners and Avatars


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I have been bored, so I made 12 banners and 1 avatar. As you can see one of the banners and the avatar I'm using right now. I would like to know what OB thinks of my work. Please Comment on them and tell me what you think would make them better. Since there are so many I put them into links

[u]Ville Valo[/u]

Ryuhou 1
Ryuhou 2
Cougar Straight 1
Cougar Straight 2
[u]Model [/u]
Model Group
Ken 1
Ken 2

Ville Valo 1
Ville Valo 2

[u]The 69 Eyes[/u]

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[color=puprle]i love the 2nd Ville Valo one, the colours clash great with the picture. the 69 Eyes one is gewd to, though i can't see the faces that well, it just seems a tad too dark but again, the colours look gewd. since your using the same sytle on all of them it seems, they look kinda bland. try doing a different pattern or something. but other than that, i think they look great![/color]
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[size=1]Nice banners. I really like the Ryuhou ones (I'm a sucker for him ^^; ).

The first banner -

The background in nice. Suits Ryuhou well. The font is nicely themed, again, suits Ryuhou well. As for the actual image of him, to me, it seems a little too much blur has been applied to it. I don't know whether that's an affect you put on him or if it was the original image that was like that.

The second banner -

Again, the background and the font are suited well to Ryuhou. And the image looks great! I wish I had some good pictures of him. ;_ ;

May I ask where you got them?[/size]
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[size=1][size=2][color=purple][font=Comic Sans MS]I found the pictures on google. It took a really long time. But there was this nother place that I found some really good ones at. Its called we-love-anime, best source for free anime images. The first one the [/font][font=Comic Sans MS]blur happened after I made it smaller. I couldn't fix it. Thanks for the comments every one. [/font][/color][/size][/size]
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[size=1]Welcome to OtakuBoards, XRyuho_FanX1256.

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Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Thread closed. (Cat14, if you want to open the thread, please PM me about it.)[/size]
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