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RPG Phantom Dust-Vengence (M-VL)


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OCC- Ok Everyone has to start out in the Clinic.

"What is this place... I fill like... I have to go there..." said Tsudomashi standing in front of a large tower. He looked around and saw a man in a yellow jacket standing in front of him looking up at the tower. "Who are you?" asked Tsudo. The man just looked back. Then a large flash enveloped them both.

Then Tsudo opened his eyes. "Where am I? I can't remember." said Tsudo looking around and saw several more people around him two younger looking men and one young woman. "Hmmm. Who are..." Right before he could finish the sentince a man known as Meister walked into the Clinic. "Looks like you are finally awake, eh?" Tsudo looked a Meister puzzled. "Who are you? What is this place? Who am I?" asked Tsudo. "Well, we found you in a strange metal cylinder... and I am Meister I run this place. You are currently in the Clinic. You can choose who you are? Do you remember your name?"

"I remember a... phrase... in some language... Tsudomashi... I guess i am Tsudomashi." "Well, I will call you Tsudo for short." "I guess that is fine." Then a red haired woman walked in with a nurse uniform. "Ah, I see you are awake." said the woman. "And this is Mikan the one who nursed you back to health." "Mikan... thank you." said Tsudo," WHo are these others..." The young men started to stir. "I guess we are fixing to find out."
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Al awoke several hours later in a daze. "Whoa where am I?" asked Al as he rolled over and fel out of the clinic bed he was lieing down on."Oww!" he muttered as he hit the floor.He quickly stood up and looked around.

"what the hell?" he asked himself.Just then Mikan walked into the room."You're up? you know you shouldn't be moving around to much after the fall you took." said Miken. A quick vision of falling off of a large cliff suddenly flashed threw Al's head.

"Who are you? Who am I?" Al asked nervously."My name is Mikan, I was the one that tended to your cuts." Al looked at his arms ,then pulled up one pant-leg and looked at his leg.He was covered in big semi-healed slashes.He got another vision of falling thew the air and large jagged rocks heading towards him rather quickly.

"Whoa I can't deal with all this." he said as he sat down on his clinic bed.Also as he sat he noticed something in his back pocket."What the?" he said as he took the wallet out of his pocket."Hey this might help..."he began reading "hmm apperently my name is Alphonse Elric, Alphonse! eww, lets just stick with Al for now." he said as he read threw the wallet's various cards and documents."Sure its your name." replied Mikan
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Ed was leaning over the side of a cliff with his mechanical arm outstretched. "Grab my hand." He said to the person who was hanging by a rock jutting outwards from the side of the cliff. The person was around the same age as Ed was and looked almost exactly like him. Just as the person went to grab Ed's hand, the rock broke and the man went tumbling towards sharp rocks. Just before the boy hit the rocks Ed woke up panting and covered in cold sweat.

It took a while for Ed's eyes to get used to the bright lights of the room. Once they were adjusted he looked to his side and saw the boy from his dream. The one who had fallen toward th rocks.
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andromada was lying on her stomach, when she first started to wake up. "huh? where am i? oh no, i didnt get drunk again and go with the first guy that came up to me? did i? i said i wouldnt do that again! wait, this isnt a house, this is a clinic! thats it, im going back to sleep."
andromamda sticks her head back under the pillow and quickly shuts her eyes.
"my god! maybe i did get drunk again! oh god, he'll disown me for sure this time!"
suddenly, a person walks into the room. "who are you?" andromada asks.
"im Meister. im taking care of you"
"did i get drunk again?"
"no, youre here because you were found in some of the dust."
"oh, crap. how am i going to explain being late for our date?" andromada asks herself.

ooc: more on the way
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OOC- Ok everyone is good except for one thing. Dark. The dust just isn't on the ground it is in the air it is and the Dust takes away memories in 15 mins. or more. So even if folks did live on the surface they would not remember anything. The reason why Bo's and Zero's are fine because of what they wrote and remember this... humans (Espers and Non-espers) live underground no "humans" live on the surface only monsters it is not a bright place. But I am sorry i did not point this out until now.
"I imagine you are all confused." said Meister. Tsudo and the others replied with nods. "And you don't have any memories right except for a few scraps and one of a large tower. Right?" [COLOR=DarkRed]"My memory was 'leaning' off the edge of a cliff trying to get him," said Ed pointing to Al," to grab my hand." [/COLOR] "[COLOR=Green]And my memory is of you reaching out I tried to grab a hold but, I fell on to the jagged rocks below. Then I guess we ended up here." [/COLOR] said Al [COLOR=Indigo]"I remember going to a pub... walking home with a guy... then the next thing waking up here in this dark place."[/COLOR] said Andromada. "Really? That is interesting... usually people we find have that memory... Tsudo how bout you?"

Everyone looked towards Tsudo, He finally replied, [COLOR=DarkOrange]"I have the memory of the large tower... but a man... with silverish hair, yellow jacket and black shirt and pants... then a flash..." [/COLOR] Meister was stunned at the memory Tsudo had just discribed, "Tsudo... that man is... who we know as... The Protagonist. He dissappeared after he went to the ruins!" Tsudo didn't know the significance of this Protagonist but, by the Meister responded he was important.
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"The Protaganist is a person we found in a metal cylinder just like some of you. But he was a powerful Esper. He took down monsters that we have never seen. When we found The Ruins Another Esper named Edger who we thought was lost on the surface appeared and did battle with the Protaganist. After that we never heard of him again. He was the one that saved us from what ever horror was going to be done to us... He was our Savior. He has not been seen in months." said Meister to answer Ed's question
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"Well, whatever." Ed said getting out of his clinic bed."I'm outta here." he said walking towards the door. "Wait, you can't go yet." said Meister.
"And just why the hell not?" Ed asked.
"Not in your current condition. Just wait a while longer."
Ed stared at Meister for a few seconds then looked around at the room and sighed. "I guess staying here a bit longer won't be that much torture." he sayed reluctently."But you can't expect me to sit on a clinic bed and do nothing."
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"Meister... Am i able to go?" asked Tsudo in a low tone. "Well, when we found you. You had no damage on you. So I guess you are ok. But I want you to meet with Know in the main chamber. We need to see if you are going to be a Esper or not." replied Meister. When Tsudo left the room he felt eye piercing his back. He said, " Listen... I don't know what I like and don't like but I really don't like people staring at me." And he walked out of the room and and went up the elevator shaft that was broken down so he had to take two flights of stairs. As he got to the top of the stairs a man in a yellow trenchcoat and sunglasses stood in front of him. "So you are one of the new rookies." said the man. "I guess... Who are you?" asked Tsudo. The man replied, "My name is Shahoma. If you know what is best for you you will stay out of my way..." Shahoma walked off into the makeshift bar. Tsudo then entered the main hall and another man was talking with a woman. When he noticed Tsudo he finished talking and walked towards him. "Hello Rookie... My name is..." said the man. "Know..." said Tsudo. "How'd you?" asked Know. "You are supposed to test me?" asked Tsudo. "Are you sure you don't want me to explain anything about the surface?" Tsudo looked interested. "We will be heading to an area called the palace... It looks as if it was used for shopping and other activities (Mall). So are you ready?" Tsudo nods. "I finally have a rookie who doesn't talk come with me to the Surface."

They entered a small pravilion in the center of the palace. A small eyeball-like creature with a larger human looking creature with its body wrapped in a tight cloth and its head was wraped and had one hole in the front. "The small one is called a Scoto and the big one is called a Anthro. These creatures have the same powers as we do. But smaller ones like the Scoto have weak skills." said Know overlooking the pravilion. "What exactly are Skills?" asked Tsudo. Know sighed and explained, "Skills are the Paranormal powers this thick dust gives us we use a technology called the Arsenal this is a way we can use any skill we want but some Espers can use skills without an arsenal. I just happen to have an extra arsenal with me. Just pop it open and let's see what happens." Tsudo grabbed the small glowing cylinder and opened it and the glowing dust rocketed into him. "Ok now rookie GO!"

Tsudo vaulted over the railing of the upper-level and landed on his feet alerting the Scoto and Andro to his presance. The Scoto with a green aura around him slung a fireball at Tsudo. "Use a defense skill to block the attack! But beware some shields can be broken!" Tsudo took this advice and a purplish wall appeared in front of him and blocked the Attack. He then used a skill called Laser but the attack curve around the Scoto and Andro. "That skill is called laser it is a long ranged skill not suitible to this location." yelled Know. The Scoto fired a yellowish blast at him and Tsudo used the shield and rushed the Scoto and then a sword skill called Excaliber sliced the Scoto in half spewing a black blood all over the ground. The Andro who watched the fight before attacked with a flurry of energized punches which all hit Tsudo causing him to spit up some blood. The monster then pulsed him away and fired a beam of energy at him which caused Tsudo to go and hit a wall. "Damn it GET UP!" yelled Know. The Andro closed in with a haunting snarl as he used a sword skill called Muramasa Blade(A black colored energy blade). Tsudo near death somehow managed to rise and use Excaliber to block the attack, but the two blades cancelled each other out. The Antro grabbed Tsudo by the neck and raised him with super human strength and started to squeeze making Tsudo cough up more blood. Then flames surrounded Tsudo and Andro dropped him and put his charred hand out. Flames then fired out rapidly at the Andro reducing him to mere ashes. After this attack Tsudo dropped and passed out. Know jumped down a check his pulse, which was barely going and rushed him back to the Underground City.

Know entered the clinic dragging Tsudo and putting him on a table. Mikan gasped at the condistion of Tsudo, "What happened?!?" "We got into a little more then we bargined for. But he took all of them out. This guy has great potiential. Meister?" Meister was standing next to Tsudo looking at him. "It is weird but he seems to favor the Protagenist a little and has the same look as Freia but more masuline... I just wonder if we can expect the same from him?" "Damn I hope not... I actually like this one." They both left the clinic talking and Tsudo barely cohierant let out a whisper... "This place... isn't too bad." Then pasted out.
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Ed watched the man Know bring in Tsudo and then know and Meister talked in whispers. Ed got up from his bed and walked up to Know. "What the hell happend to Tsudo?" Ed asked.
"I sent him into a test and he wasn't able to take it." Know explained.
"Just what the hell was that test anyways?"
"If you wish to learn of it you will have to go through it yourself."
Ed looked at the floor for a few seconds then looked up at Know. "I'm ready for whatever you throw at me." He said.
"You won't have to worry about me throwing anything." Know said. Then Meister cut in. "Ed, to pass the test you will need this." He said reching into his coat pocket and taking out a small cylinder from his coat pocket and handed it to Ed.
"What the hell is this?" he asked.
"It's an arsenal. Know will tell you more when the time comes." Meister replied.

"Now that arsenal you have allowas you to us things called skills. You got skills from the dust on the surface and the arsenal allows you to use them. Now on the surface there will be many monsters who also have skills. You will have to use your skills to fight off these monsters." Know explained in the large plaza where shopping and other things took place."Undertsand?"
"Yeah I think got it all down packed." Ed replied.
"Good, now open the arsenal."
Ed did as he was told and a glowing dust come out of the strange cylinder and shot towards him. Ed inhaled it and was ordered to go down and fight the remaining monster which Know called an Anthro.

Ed went towards the monster and it attacked without hesitatian hiting Ed in the stomach. "Use a skill to fight back!" Know shouted. Ed clapped his hands together and a stone spike came out and hit the monster in the jaw. The Antro stumbled back and then charged at Ed with and energy sword in it's hand. "Block the attack with a defensive skill!" Know shouted. Ed clapped his hands again and a small stone wall come between the Anthro and Ed. Ed clapped his hands again and a sword appeared in his hands. He then jumped over the wall and stabbed the Anthro in the neck but not before the Anthro raised it's sword and stabbed Ed in the stomach. Ed landed on the ground with a thoud and the Anthro fell to the ground dead. Ed smile to himsel then passed out.

Know carried in Ed on his back and set him down on an empty clinic bed.
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OCC- Bo and Dark have officially quit the RPG so this thread maynot be alive for long unless more folks join. So from now on the characters Al and Andromida (At this point I don't care about spelling) are NPC and anyone can use them. Zero I am sorry for the inconvinance on your part I don't know whether you wanted to do this or not but thanks for sticking with it. P.S.- Andro is not the strongest monster there is so be prepared for bigger stronger ones.

Tsudo woke up a few hours later in a daze, his vision blurry. Wipeing his eyes he stood up and saw that Mikan was still in the Clinic looking at the life moniters when one went dead as Tsudo ripped the electrodes from his chest. She quickly turn around and had an annoyed look on her face. "You really shouldn't be up right now! You were beat up pretty bad." she said to Tsudo. Tsudo just looked at her and walked a step forward and stumbled a bit but caught his balance, then walked out the door. When he got to the main hall he saw Ed talking with Meister and Know. "You killed the Andro that Tsudo was fighting? Good, Good." said Meister. Know looking impressed. When, they noticed Tsudo they motioned for him to come over and he complied. "Tsudo... You managed to defeat a Scoto and that is not bad for a first time out... But, Ed here killed the Andro that you were defeated by so..." Tsudo then replied," I thought I had defeated the Andro... but, appearently I did not. So what is the so?" "So, I have decided that you both maybe able to improve upon each other. You two are officially a team. This however doesn't mean you only have to battle with each other but since you were both found under strange circumstances we have a felling that you two will make a great team. But, first you must make your own arsenals Tsudo you go first and we will test it later. Head for the Lab"

Tsudo headed up the steps up a platform and opened the gigantic door with a Radioactive symbol on it and there was a guy in a chair attached to a big mech arm. "Ah.. you...come... here... for skills? Yes... NO!" Tsudo nodded. And the strange talking man named Urasamya gave him a list of skills to choose from. "There... is 300...Yes? YES!... But only carry Thirty to the surface in the arsenal so choose wisely." After Tsudo got the 30 skills that he wanted he headed out of the Lab. And ran into another Esper going to the door to the surface, Tatsubaki, knocking her down. "Ahh!" she exlaimed when she hit the floor. Tsudo helped her up and appolgized, "Sorry, I didn't see you..." She brushed herself off and said, "No It was my fault... I was probly punishment for my passed sins." Tsudo smirked a little, "Are you an Esper?" he asked. "Yes. I was going on a mission." said Tatsubaki. "Would you mind if I joined you?" he asked. She shook her head and headed to the surface and Tsudo follow not caring about the order to report back to Meister.

When they reached the surface Tatsubaki explained they were going to an area called the Highway. "Ha... A good place to test my arsenal." said Tsudo under his breathe and the headed to the Highway. They arrive at a ruined highway structure with old cars and road signs every where nothing seemed touch for years but there were many crater from battles pasted. "My mission is to a drive back some enemys that have been causing us trouble the past few weeks." Just as she finish saying this two monsters a Antro and a Vestio (Looks a bit like a Antro but it has wrappings like a mummy but has holes revealing a metal frame). "Let's see if you are as good as Meister thinks." She fired a attack called Fire of Gahana at the Vestio which just batted it away using a skill called Guard, a defensive skill. "Hey I'll take this one... You take the Antro." said Tsudo unusually confident. She went after the Antro and The Vestio and Tsudo faced off, Tsudo taking in the contents of the arsenal. The Vestio must have had the intelligence of a human because is let out a few words, "You... are... a ... mistake...like... usss...." Tsudo took it as just a monster trying to pshyc him out. Then the monster fired a red energy ball at him and Tsudo put up a Psychic Wall , The black sheild, that he used before. The Attack was blocked but it exploded on the shield and the shock from it shook Tsudo a bit but, he quickly recovered and threw a spear like object of black energy at Vestio and it pierced it's shield and went through his wrappings. The Vestio let loose a volley of energy blasts but were blocked by Tsudo's shield and Tsudo shot a blast back at the Vestio hitting it's chest exposing its pluseing black heart. This made the Vestio roar in pain and anger and it rushed at Tsudo with a Sword skill called Psycho blade. Tsudo simply smirked and summoned his own blade Excaliber, blowing feather like objects everywhere, and blocked the other blade.

A fight insued both Tsudo and Vestio stabbing and slashing at each other. Finally having enough Tsudo brought his blade down on the other blade shattering. Vestio knowing what would happen got up and dashed away firing the Rapid Shot as he left. Tsudo just sneered and use one of his new skills, Psyhco Kinesis and lifted one of the nearby cars and tossed it at the Vestio. The Vestio tried to jump out of the way but to no avail, it landed on top of it and crushed it in to a spray of blackish blood. Tatsubaki who easily defeated the Antro walked up behind Tsudo and said, "You know that the Vestio is tougher then the Antro... I heard about the Andro you faced and it nearly killed you..." Tsudomashi turned around and smirked, "That... is then... now that i have this arsenal I can defend myself here." Tsudo headed back to the underground with Tatsubaki close behind.
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