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Only the best of the best pokemon trainers can come to this school... The best young trainers come from all the continents to train here. They all come for one goal, to be the best trainer in the school. Tournaments will decide that, but what journey and quest will the students endure during their stay at Alurie Academy?

Do not worry that is not my quality of Role Play just doing a short little intro... So let me get to the rules..... I am just trying to get this up so i can get members...


1. No flamming.

2. No bunnying.

3: No godmodding.

4: Keep cussing to a mininmum if possible none at all.

5: Profanity keep to minimum.

6: Must read storyline to join...

7: Must follow structure of sign up sheet.

8: Please keep OOC (Out Of Character) talk to a minimium.

9: Please have fun and follow the Rules.

Sign-Up Sheet:

Character Name:


Pokemon Type:



Trainers Appearance:




Character Likes:

Personal life:

Anything else you want to add and anything i missed please tell me...


My Sign Up Sheet

Character Name:Shadow (Male)


Pokemon Type: Dragon and Fire


Pokemon: Dratini, Charmander, Bagon, Trapich, and Houndoor

Trainers Appearance: Black medium length hair, baggy faded jeans, blck skin tight shirt with emblem of a dragon surrounded by fire,faded gray eyes.

Talents:Is known for beating Ash ketchum in the Pokemon Leage Preliminaries. Beaten several gyms without struggle, great with pokemon, and loves to toy around with opponent

Flaws:Bi-polar, easily angered, conceited

House: Dragon House ( the house is surrounded by some scorched earth from precious battles there from the past. There are two dragon-like statues by the door. They seemed to be like an ancient pokemon that only some have only seen.)

Character Likes: Playin with his pokemon, hanging with freinds, and can be a big flirt

Personal life: He comes from a small family from Hildegard Keep.(made up name) He wanted to make a bigger name for himself so he signed up for Alurie Academy. He was accepted without second though because he beat the instructor without loosing his cool.
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