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Manga reuray reumaru (my anime)

Guest reuray

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Guest reuray
yes i know it said manga but i was not sure if you could put your own work in there
well realy my anime is not anme are manga ill call it mangime lol i know dumb any way
to the point the chariter reuray has a story to it here is the back ground thing to kind fill you in a litle

===============THE PHEONIX NINJA REURAY=================
in the year 9093 awar broke out upon the clans
of the fire and the lighting tribes.

but now in the year 10004 a great hero arose
his name is reuray reumaru age 24

him and his reumaru clan trained in secert
as the others fought ,but now it is time for the great uprise to regain there countrys freedom
from the red wolf clan

reuray the pheonix ninja and his son sonaru age 15 lead there clan and took down almost the whole red wolf clan

later in the year 10011 reuray became blind at the age of 31 and then in the year 10012
he fought the two leaders of the red wolf clan
there titles were overshadow
and poison fang

reuray was about to win ,when overshadow took over his body and forced him to do as he pleased

and then posion fang did his poison doll jutus
(creats a liquid posion body that fuses with the victom and kills at the spot.)

his son sonare the black rose gunner age 22 which was told to remain at the temple left there to help his father but to late and saw his fater was killed
and sworn to kill the red wolf clan
and bring his fater back if it took his life to do so.
so how yall like the shorter backgrond story
which i made up at the spot lol
please give me your feedback on it i will be posting this on my site here as well
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