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Art Comments please?


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[size=1]For your first sig, it's very good work.

That being said, there is definitely room for improvement. The text, for example, is hard to read and relatively weak. I'd recommend pushing it up just a bit, making it more legible and perhaps changing the font ([url=http://www.dafont.com][b]DaFont[/b][/url] has great ones). The background is good for a beginner and the dark effect is more advanced than I expect for your first signature ever. However, the red looks a bit like brick and too solid for this fluid, shadowy banner. Try out some effects on it to see what looks good.

The stock (the character) is actaully well-done. His placement is good, and the only thing I have a problem with is that he's hard to see. I know it might be intentional, but the main focus should be visible.

That, and consider putting on a one pixel border. It really makes things look more finished and professional.

Keep up the good work, keep experimenting, and read lots of tutorials. [url=http://www.pixe2life.com][b]Pixel2Life[/b][/url] is one of the best tutorial sites out there.[/size]
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