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Discuss SENGOKU Outer District [M-VLS]


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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Alright. The Boss came to me with a couple questions earlier today, and that made me realize I should probably post an Underground, just to get you guys properly acquainted with the world. We'll start with Sengoku itself.

In the center of Sengoku is the palace of Tokugawa, a great glass and steel tower that reaches up 50 stories into the sky. It is the tallest building in the world, and Tokugawa sits at the top. The center of the empire is known as the Edo District, and it is by far the cleanest and most beautiful district in Sengoku. As the Districts spread out from Edo, they become more corroded, more corrupted, and less modern. The furthest districts appear similar to rural Feudal Japan, while most of the Districts in between them and Edo are rusty, dark, smog filled cities of aerial walkways and iron sheds that serve as buildings.

Technology in Sengoku is designed, for the most part, for battle. Specifically, the msot effort is put into human modifications, cybernetic implants and the like. Weapons technology is significantly less, but higher than a lot of other technologies in the world. The firearms technology is slightly less than modern, and resticted to single-manned guns almost exclusively - tanks and missles are deemed dishonorable and not worthy of being utilized. Melee weapons vary from the old and traditional to modified modern weapons, like Chain Saws, explosive throwing knives, and a host of others. Still, the favored weapon of most is just a simple steel blade.

Transportation is almost exclusively your own two feet, as horses are a rare and exspensive commodity. There are no automobiles at all, and bikes are deemed too vulnerable to attack to be used anywhere outside of rural districts.

Most battles in Sengoku are fought on a man-to-man basis. The largest battles are usually clashes of up to 500 Pure Bloods and Half-Bloods, and sometimes large bands team up to attack the Edo guards. Some of the bigger name warriors have built up large followings, like Shingen and Kenshin, although no truly major battles have been waged as of yet. Still, Sengoku is slowly drifting towards chaos, and tensions are mounting in the districts.

Feel free to pose any other questions here, those are just some of the details I have hammered out right now.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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