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Art Menagerie and Junkyard: An Onix Production [Image Heavy, probably]


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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Right. So. New name, new art thread, hopefully a lot more art than before >>.

My latest work [Approx. 15 minutes ago] is this:

There was actually very little done to make it, honestly. I just took the [URL=http://www.spawn.com/toys/media.aspx?product_id=1503&type=photo&file=monsters3_billy_photo_03_dp.jpg]Stock Image[/URL], added the text "The Man With No Name" [incase you couldn't read it], and then duplicated the background layer and made the overlay...thing "Burn." Simple, easy, and yet with a pretty cool result, methinks.

And a non-banner [because I felt bad resizing it] - [url]http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y48/UnbornLordXion/Banners/eyeofthebeholder.jpg[/url]
[B]Eye of the Beholder[/B]
You take on Kadaj, add some Colored Edge distortion, and some text. I go for the simple approach, here >>. Originally, I was going to try and cut out just the eye to do something to it, but I couldn't figure out how in PSP 9. Whenever I tried cropping one layer, it cropped all of them, so I'm not sure how to fix it. Help would be appreciated for future endeavours.

And just to give something to compare [and to fill more space], a few older works:

[B]Blind But Bleed[/B]
1. [IMG]http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y48/UnbornLordXion/Banners/blindbutbleed_hyperred.png[/IMG]
2. [IMG]http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y48/UnbornLordXion/Banners/blindbutbleed_dark.png[/IMG]
3. [IMG]http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y48/UnbornLordXion/Banners/blindbutbleed.png[/IMG]

And this one, which I'm linking because it's huge: [URL=http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y48/UnbornLordXion/monolithic_odyssey.jpg]MONOLITH[/URL]

So. Yeah. That's my art so far. Crit is nice~

[SIZE=1][COLOR=RoyalBlue]I put your first banner on its own line and I made "Eye of the Beholder" into a link to prevent stretching OB's layout.

[b]- Retribution[/b][/COLOR][/SIZE][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Guest alshaimaa
hi..........i liked your first artwork so much....and i think it's great..but sorry >>>i searched alot for the text you attached on the picture but i can't find it :animecry:
but the second one makes me feel so cold..... :animedepr i'm sorry but it seems to be empty and with no emotions...i'm so sorry :animeshy: but i think that it want something to be added to make it some more attractive.....sorry again for saying that.....but really i liked your first one :catgirl:
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[size=1]Alshaimaa, please read the [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=52171][b]Art Studio Rules[/b][/url] for what is expected of you as far as critiquing art goes. While your effort was good, you should strive to be specific and explain in detail what you mean.

Secondly, we stress using periods [.] instead of elipses [...] and using upper-case where appropriate.

Sorry if I sound a bit nit-picky.[/size]
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[font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=purple]I also love your work but on the last Blind but Bleed you can't read the test well. You also can't read the text well one the first one. The color is good for both. [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=purple][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=purple]The [b]Eye of the Beholder came out well. I like the colors but I would have used a different text for in the eye of the beholder part. The text you have is agian hard to read but not as bad as the other two. [/b][/color][/size][/font]
[b][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=purple][/color][/size][/font][/b]
[b][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=purple]The last image you have I think is your best out of all of them. The text in the shadow is hard to read. Maybe you should use a different color to make the text readable.[/color][/size][/font][/b]
[b][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=purple][/color][/size][/font][/b]
[color=#708090][size=1][font=Comic Sans MS][color=purple][b]If you use Gimp (which I doubt sense you said Paint Shop Pro 9) use [/b]Stroke Selection to[/color][/font][b][font=Comic Sans MS][color=purple] text to make it more readable. I don't know if the program you use has it but might try looking for something that is similar to it. Stroke Selection adds a black or any clor line around and object. Stroke Selection is also great for borders. [/color][/font][/b][/size][/color]
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