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RPG [SPAR] Onix vs Ezekiel [M-VL]


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[SIZE=1]Imi stared at her cocky opponent; her jaw squared and chin stuck out in a defensive manner, ready for any verbal comment he?d throw at her. He seemed to the type for intimidation. The soft breeze, as was so common on the outskirts of Konoha, whipped around their heads, ruffling their hair slightly.

It happened in a flash and Imi barely had a chance to register it. Ginmaru had drawn his sword and brought it forward in a powerful forward thrust, aimed at her abdomen. She twirled to the side and staggered a little before finding her footing, bringing her vambrace-clad forearm up quickly to block the next attack that Ginmaru aimed at her. His sword struck the solid metal-plated leather and bounced back slightly, giving Imi enough time to crouch down and sweep her foot at Ginmaru?s ankles. He jumped to avoid the kick, but no sooner had he avoided that, Imi levered herself on one arm and shot her foot up straight into Ginmaru?s chin.

He grunted and stumbled backwards, stabbing his sword into the grass to steady himself. Imi stood once again and picked up the pieces of her nunchaku that she had carelessly dropped in avoiding the first cut, twisting them together to complete the link in the centre.

[B]?You?re very fast.?[/B] She admitted, bringing her weapon up into it?s ready position, her right hand a little higher than her left as they settled just in front of her chest.

Ginmaru shrugged and raised his sword again, darting forward for another attack.

[B]OOC Ugh, I?m terrible at starting fights, but at least it?s something. I?m sure you?ll carry on much better from here, love.

[B]Edit:[/B] ...I forgot the thread rating. Oh my. I'm such a good example. >_>[/B][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]His first cut was only half-hearted, a dash across her face that she easily dodged. It was only fair, though, since he was just trying to clean the dirt from his sword that [i]she[/i] had forced him to cause. She had staggered him, and made him commit a terrible insult to the sword by forcing it into the earth - she would pay for that. And now, with sword cleaned again, he rushed forward.

Her movement was good, and her reaction top-notch, he reflected as he slashed testing cuts at her. A blow went by her torso; she pulled back. He pushed forward to strike at her shoulder; blocked with her arm-gaurd. She was good, he finally admitted, and he would have to give her a bit more credit if he was going to win this one.

[B]"So are you,"[/B] he murmured, darting around to try and aim a cut to her back.

She sprung forward into the air, and in an instant he had two kunai in his hand and they were flying loose, straight at her. They glanced off the metal of her arm-guard again, but he barely noticed as he charged forward, doing his best to keep her off-balance. She had barely hit the ground before he'd struck at her again, sword flashing like lighting and just barely tracing a cut across her cheek. A single bead of blood formed and dripped slowly down.

[B]"First blood is mine,"[/B] he jibed, smirking beneath his mask.

[B]"But the last won't be,"[/B] she replied, swiping the blood away with her thumb.

And then it was her turn to be the agressor, fists surging forward in a torrent. Her strikes were wild, unfocused, and so it wasn't entirely hard to evade them. But, he noted, they were [i]very[/i] close calls all around. He felt her hand against his cheek on more than one occasion, if only glancing blows. Then she caught him with a good knee, and the wind was forced from his lungs. Her fist followed soon after, and stars burst infront of his eyes as he was sent staggering back yet again.

She was [I]strong[/I].

But he had long ago learned to cope with pain, and so he was on his feet in a second, pushing forward as soon as his feet were on the ground again. His sword was raised for a deadly piercing strike.

Time to put her to the test.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Imi snarled as the dull throb in her cheek started to ebb, cursing herself inwardly for being so careless. Still, she never was very skilled at judging calculated movements.

Her opponent had his speed, but she had her strength. If she could get close enough to him to deliver that one final blow...He raised his sword once again and Imi caught the murderous intent in his eyes. Before had been a little taste of his power, now this was the real thing.

She stepped back as far as she could to separate the pair, quickly clasping her hands together to form her seals. 'Dog, Snake, Sheep, Dog...' she recounted in her mind, feeling her chest already beginning to swell as the technique kicked in. She closed her eyes, not seeing the confused look on Ginmaru face as he watched the woman in front of him inflate from the belly button up. He shook his head and dashed forward again, sword tucked in at his side to deliver another powerful thrust. He ran headlong into a fierce sandstorm, literally thrown off his feet into a nearby boulder.

Imi didn't know if Ginmaru had been knocked down or not, keeping up her attack for as long as she had breath in her lungs. When she couldn't hold it any longer she shut her mouth, coughing a little as the chakra-sand in her mouth and throat began to dissolve.

The ground in front of her had turned from a pleasant grassy patch into a desert, a two-foot thick layer of sand now covering the earth.

Ginmaru stood to his feet and shook the sand out of his hair, visibly annoyed at what his opponent had just pulled. Imi couldn't help but smile playfully, settling back into a crouching defence/offence position, one arm tucked behind her back while the other was raised in front of her face. She twitched her fingers and Ginmaru advanced again.

[B]OOC Sand in your pants![/B][/SIZE]
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