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I know thw WII isn't out in the US yet but i had to make a post of the Super Smash brothers Brawl game. it will truly be awesome even with the addition of 3 new character and a revamped one namily samus. or should i say Zero suit samus. i saw a trailer and this is strickly an opinion. i think the Super Smash brothers Brawl will out sell even super mario galaxy.

And with the console wars being so High with the 600$ PS3 and the 500$ x-box 360 and microsoft already annouced their will be no price drop on the 360 by the holiday's :mad: i think nintendo got this console war all wraped up with the 249$ WII. i just hope their won't be a shortage of Wii's come the holidays. :(

Here a link below about the game and it's characters.

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