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RPG Gundam 0138, Zion Revenge


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The principality of Zion has yet again begun a revolution. Led by an unknown soldier surviving the 1st One Year War. The Zions have declared them selfs frew of the Federal Alliance, and launched a massive attack on the Federal Forces, destroying 10 command ships in one day. They have also taken over the Fede super weapon, a giant Mars Baised Cannon capable of destroying a planet. The Zion need only to gain a few resource facilitys on earth to make it fully operational. A special team of Moble Suit pilots which survived the inicial attack have been set on a counter strick against the Zion forces. The earth federation needs your help.

Ok, so this is what you need:


MS: (can be existing MS from any series or you can make your own)
MS Specs/Weaps:


Here is my own...........

Name: Misha Snow
Age: 37
Appearance: Tall with a strong build. Tan pilot jumpsuit when piloting. Normally dons casual wear. Brown hair w/ beard. Almost always has a stoggy in his mouth.

MS: [URL=http://www.gundamproject.com/mecha/gundam0080_kaempfer.html]MS-18E Kaempfer Custom[/URL]
MS Specs/Weaps: Same as the Fully armed Kaempfer, but White and red instead of blue and orange. Fully outfitted with Gundarium armor aswell.

Bio: One of the older, more experiance MS pilots of the Federation forces, his past exploits have gained him the Nickname "Wild Blizzard". He uses his fathers old MS which he piloted as an undercover soldier with the Federation forces. The suit has been fully upgraded with all the newer MS technology. He has gained the privlage to aid in the attack against the Zion troops.
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