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  1. Anyone here like them? If so, what's your favorite song? My favorites are Sister Disco and Eminence Front.
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    [I]Several years in the future. The world is not at peace. Many wars have been waged by many nations. World leaders are assasinated and replaced almost weekly. Their replacements are often corrupt, thus they are killed as well. The world as we know it today has ceased to exist. Many of the world's biggest cities are in states of constant anarchy. Various organizations roam the world as scavengers, pirates or simply murderers. Most of the world lives in a constant state of fear, knowing that their next breath will most likely be their last. But, there are several so-called "clean spots" around the globe. These "spots" are lightly populated due to the unsafe journey to them, but they offer a safe haven to anyone who successfully makes the trip. Their defenders are a mix of various soldiers. Former Green Berets, MI6 agents, Israeli Intelligence. Their affiliations no longer matter. They are of one group. The group has no name. The only words associated with it are "Identity Zero". The rumors say that it's the name of their leader. Or the name of their plan to take over the world. No one knows. Only the members of Identity Zero know the truth. They are an elite brotherhood, and their secrets are kept tight. Up until now, Identity Zero has kept the survivors safe. But now, someone has united the scavengers, the pirates and the murderers into one group. Slowly, this group of barbaric attackers spreads over the land like a plague. Their leader is rumored to be a former member of Identity Zero. The leader is simply known as "Game". He is rumored to have left Identity Zero for psychological reasons. The rumors say that a clean spot he was guarding was overrun, and the occupants murdered savagely before his eyes. The bloodshed caused him to go insane, thus causing him to leave the organization and turn against it. Now, Game's group is targeting the last few clean spots on Earth. Identity Zero knows he is coming, and they have since Game left the organization. But they do not know how large the threat is. They do not know when it is coming. But they are prepared to defend against it.[/I] [B]Okay. So, basically, you're a soldier of a loosely confederated group defending the last survivors of the wars. Name: Age: Gender: Appearance: Bio: Organization: (What real world intelligence/special forces unit was he/she from. Please list a real organization. If you need a list, please tell me.) Weapons: (Limit one small, one large) Equipment: (Three items that your character has with him at all times. Things that are small enough to carry in a backpack or on a belt. Specialties: (What your character excels at. Rate one specialty at level 3, the highest, one at level 2, and one at level 1, the lowest.) a. Combat - (Something that actively involves fighting, such as sharpshooter training, CQC, etc.) b. Non-Combat - (Something indirectly involved with combat, such as stealth, vehicle repair, etc.) c. Miscellaneous - (Something that has nothing to do with combat whatsoever, such as culinary skill, computer hacking, etc.) [/B] And here's mine. Name: Jason Portamus Age: 35 Gender: Male Appearance: Jet black hair, blue eyes, gray shirt, flak jacket, black pants, combat boots Bio: Was originally part of the Green Berets. Disappeared after a failed mission. Mission failure cause unknown, although signs point to beauraucratic bickering over planning. Went underground and reappeared several years after the establishment of Identity Zero. Joined Identity Zero and ascended the ranks in short time. Now head of two North American clean spots. Organization: Green Berets. Weapons: XM-25 Prototype Interchangeable Multi-Purpose Assault Rifle, Glock 18 Select-Fire Machine Pistol Equipment: Night Vision Goggles, Medical Kit, GPS Transmitter Specialties: a. Combat - Stealth (3) b. Non-Combat - Medical Treatment (2) c. Miscellaneous - Forgery (1)
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    Why did you bump a topic two years old?
  4. The only way you'll find out is if you ask her out. Just go for it. If she says no, than don't worry about it. It sounds like you two are really good friends, and if she turns you down, I don't think it'll affect it.
  5. [B]The $1,000,000 Phobia Challenge (Sucks, I know)[/B] Each contestant is given one week to complete a list of challenges. They cannot recieve help from anyone, and they've got ten challenges to do. Before the show, each tells the producers their phobias, and as it turns out, each of their challenges involves their phobias. For instance, acrophobia - the fear of heights: someone has to climb up a skyscraper with only a harness and rope and retrieve a flag or something. Then they need to hook themselves into a parachute and jump off the building. Whoever hasn't wussed out by the end of the week goes onto the Final Phobia round, where they are subjected to the ultimate challenge, which includes elements from all ten of their challenges. Winner gets $1,000,000. If everyone wusses out, then no one gets the money.
  6. I'm not sure if a lot of you remember me,but yeah, I'm back. I've taken a break for MBing for a while, and now that it's summer, I've got the time. Can anyone fill me in as to what's happened in the past six months? I'd like to get reacquainted with the board that got me started on MBing. Any flame wars, major administration changes, etc.?
  7. [size=1]Woo, I'm back![/size] I saw only the beginning of this movie. It was hilarious beyond belief. The part with [spoiler]the teacher saying all the things about the boy in the flashback in the beginning was funny.[/spoiler] Also [spoiler]the "The Chood" subway sign[/spoiler] was the greatest gag ever!
  8. I've found that sitting outside and watching the rain fall is very calming. Because of that, I find rainy days enjoyable.
  9. RPG

    [i]Several hours later, on a jumbo jet, Janitov Guberovski sat in first class, sipping a glass of champagne. He had been able to stow his pistol in his pack with a fake police commission. So far, there had been no problems. He was just preparing to lie down and sleep when his pager vibrated. He pulled it out and read the message. "Change of plns. Leave plane. Pickup on way."[/i] [b]Stewardess[/b]: Sir, please put the pager away. [b]Janitov[/b]: Sorry. Can I please speak to the captain? [b]Stewardess[/b]: Sure. [i]As the stewardess walked away, Janitov reached into his pack and pulled a small black box from inside. He stuffed it under his seat and pressed a button. The box gave a small beep, and Janitov straightened up. He walked into the cockpit and, after closing the door, raised his gun. Pulling the trigger twice, he killed both captain and pilot, and walked out of the cockpit. As the plane began to dip, several people began to scream, and the stewardess ran down the aisle. She was stopped dead as Janitov fired his gun, putting a bullet clear through her head. He then turned and grabbed his backpack and strapped it to his back. He raised his gun again and shot the window. As the plane depressurized, the entire left side of first class was ripped from the plane. Janitov jumped towards the hole and flew out of the plane. After he was clear of the wings, he pulled a cord on his pack and a parachute flew out, slowing his fall. After he had been falling for a few seconds, Janitov pulled a small remote from his pocket and pressed the button. He watched the plane fall for a moment, and pressed the button again. Just before the plane hit the water, an explosion ripped through what was left of the first class cabin, sending a ripple of explosions along the side of the plane.[/i] [b]Janitov[/b]: They just had to put my seat near a fuel line, didn't they? [i]After the wreckage of the plane had floated below the water, Janitov pulled another cord on his chute, and a small light began blinking. He watched on the horizon as a small black shape began moving towards him.[/i]
  10. RPG

    OOC: Sorry, didn't notice the IC post. [i]Enter an unknown city, somewhere in Asia. The rain was falling hard and fast, and the streets were close to empty. The few people that were in the streets were walking fast and not paying attention to anything else. Because of this, no one noticed a man in a trenchcoat with a pack on his back walk out of a rundown shop. He was wearing gloves and a black mask. The man's hair was covered by a black cloth. With the rain falling in sheets, no one noticed him slip a silenced pistol into his trenchcoat. He walked several blocks up the street and popped the lock on a door. Inside, there was a small light at the top of a staircase. He walked up the stairs, stepping lightly as to not alert his target to his presence. As he neared the top of the stairs, the source of the light was revealed. A man was watching a small t.v., with a laptop computer to his side. The man snuck up behind his target and grabbed him around the throat and mouth. The man struggled, but fell limp as the silenced pistol was smashed against the side of his head. The man laid the body out on the floor and pulled a towel from his back. He laid it underneath the man's head, and raised his pistol. With a single pull of the trigger, a small hole appeared in the man's forehead. The man pulled a pair of tweezers from his pack and poked into the hole. He pulled the bullet out, and put it into his pocket. Next, he pulled out a digital camera and took a picture of the man's face and plugged the camera into the computer. He typed in a certain email address and sent the picture with a message - Job done. After he finished sending the email, he pulled the computer from the wall and stuffed it into his pack. He walked out of the building and threw his sack into the bed of a truck waiting across the street. He pulled a tarp off of the bed, uncovering a crate marked "HE". He threw the backpack onto the crate and walked away. When he was several blocks away, the man pulled a remote from his other pocket and extended the antenna. He pressed the single button on the remote, and waited. Moments later, a tower of orange flame lit up the night sky, and car alarms could be heard for blocks. The man flagged down a taxi and got in.[/i] [b]Taxi Driver[/b]: Aah, Mr. Guberovski. I take it everything went well? [b]Janitov[/b]: Yes. Take me to the airport. We're going to Cuba next.
  11. Art

    Is that the original RX-78-2 Gundam? If it is, the shoulder armor is a little too high. If you use this image in other banners, take that into consideration. Otherwise: 9.9/10.
  12. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Inuluvr1 [/i] [B]Mine is when Meg was a waitress and she pretended Stuey was her baby, the crack addicted one I laughed for days on that episode, [/B][/QUOTE] That episode is hilarious! Stewie keeps asking his foster parents for pancakes. Their response is hilarious! Stewie: I want pancakes! Foster Mom: Pancakes must be street for crank or something!
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    Name: Janitov Guberovski Age: 24 Gender: M Description: Jet black hair, blue eyes, tall, muscular build. He usually wears a black trenchcoat. Weapons: Silenced Heckler & Koch MP-5N SMG, Dual Silenced 9mm Glock 17's, K-Bar Knife Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Outfitter
  14. I've had a concussion before. My brother was spraying bug spray on the floor. I didn't know, and I was standing up. I slipped, my head hit the tile, and I was out cold for 6 hours. EDIT: Forgot to say. This was only a few days ago.
  15. I'm deathly scared of heights and have been since I was 6. I was riding my bike and lost control. I fell down a very steep hill and broke my leg and both arms. I was incapacitated for weeks. :( :(