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Major Tom is Dead [M-LV]


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[B][FONT=Garamond]So yeah, we were the kids in Major Tom?s gang. I?m not saying I?m proud of it, especially not now, but that?s who we were, and there?s no changing that. We all had our stories when we came needing a fix from Major Tom, and no matter who we were, he gave it to us, shot us up himself with some good stuff to wipe away all that muck and fuss the doctors keep calling ?memories.? Yeah, we were junkies, all of us, in too deep to see the sun anymore, but Major Tom took care of us, gave us what we needed, place to crash, some grub here and there, and a fix when we needed it. We were his kids, we needed him. We didn?t have anywhere else to go, no families , no social workers to take us in and straighten us up, hell, junkies like us weren?t even welcome at soup kitchens.

But Major Tom, he saw us like humans, took care of us, that?s why none of us freaked out when he came back from the Apple one day with some hot stuff?I mean hot. Stolen from the mafia itself, and lots of it, too. We were all scared they?d come for it, break down the door and put a slug between Major Tom?s big blue eyes, but he told us it was safe, the dons wouldn?t even notice it was missing. So we relaxed, shot up, and months went by without a whisper from the mafia. It was all going so well, but then one day, Ziggy, Anne Orexia and I walked in on Tom, swimming in blood, a rose by his perforated head. The mafia got him. Major Tom is dead.[/FONT][/B]

[B]Sign Ups:

[B]Nickname:[/B] (old songs, mental/physical conditions, druggie references, be creative. This is what other players will refer to you as.)
[B]Age[/B] (13-25)
[B]Appearance[/B] (no pics, please)


[B]Name:[/B] Jonathan Gett
[B]Nickname:[/B] Skull Boy
[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Appearance:[/B] Sunken eyes, thin cheeks, pale as bone, skinny enough to pass for a cancer patient (though even Skull Boy can?t hold a candle to Anne Orexia), Skull Boy earned his name. Though he did look a little healthier when he let his black hair grow out, in thick messy tuffs that fall around his forehead. His dress varies, except for the purple long-sleeve flak jacket he got from his grandpa, or something like that, and I don?t even know if the dude?s still got eyeballs behind them shades of his. Guess that?s what happens when you?ve been doing smack as long as he has?light tolerance goes right out the window.

[B]Personality:[/B] One thing you have to know about Skull Boy, he doesn?t smile. I mean, he?s not like cold or stoic, not like Nightingale was, but he just doesn?t smile, even when he laughs. Freaks you out at first, but it?s like when Gooney used to freak out at three in the AM and turn on all the lights, it?s just something you get used to. And Skull Boys cool, pretty laid back, and one of the better kids to get in a tight spot with. I?m telling you, the man just doesn?t loose his cool. He gets pretty hot tempered when he?s needing a fix, though.

[B]Biography:[/B] Skull Boy?s last foster parents became meth heads almost a day after Skull Boy, 12 at the time, was adopted. They used the cash they got for taking in Skull Boy to dope themselves up, didn?t even bother feeding the little guy. His parents got high and violent everyday, taking most of it out on the other kids they adopted, putting them in boiling water, holding their heads down in the bath tub, well you?ve heard about the crap meth heads do. That?s why Major Tom didn?t use it, never handed it out to anyone. But compared to Skull Boy?s half-siblings, Skull Boy had it pretty good. He was beaten from time to time, but that was it, nothing serious. The other orphans adopted by the meth heads were killed off for the tortures they endured, but, and I don?t know why, Skull Boy never saw the hell the others did. Maybe the meth heads liked him, I don?t know. After two years in that house, starving and hurting and all that, Major Tom found him and took him in. The meth heads never looked, and never filed a report. Just kept taking the money they got for adopting him, and kept shooting meth. Skull Boy?s been at Major Tom?s ever since. Oh, and what did he do before he was twelve? Skull Boy?s the only one who knows that.
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