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RPG Silent Hill:Shadow Demons Rpg[start]


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All six of them sit in the big van unconcious.

Kain-Ugh....my head.....

Cara-You ok?

Kain-Yeah fine.

Cara-Is that Cheryl?

Charlie-What's goin on?

Pumar-What a headache.

Craig-Owwwwww.....my head hurts.....where am I.


Kain runs after his daughter but she runs even faster.The rest of them start to follow him and they end up in a dark alley.Kain lights a flair.

Kain-Why is it snowing in the middle of summer?

They walk into a dead end and Cheryl is no where to be found.Little deformed things with knives start slowly walking out of the darkness.

Craig-What the!


Pumar-Ouch!!It stabbed me in the leg!!

Everyone is seemingly stabbed and slashed to death when they wake up in a cafe in silent hill.



An officer is standing right over him.
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