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Anime Kaikan Phrase anyone?


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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by ~Mystical Pan~ [/i]


Then I wouldn't know it..:(

What's it about? is it good? :) [/B][/QUOTE]

lol ^^ Actually I'm getting it for X-mas! :) But I've done some research on it before hand as usual... ^^;;;

*opens pic and drowls on her keyboard*

sssuuuugggooooiiiii naaa.......

*blinks and looks at her keyboard*

:eek: OPPS!

<_<; >_>;

*whips off drowl with her shirt sleeve*

^^ eehehehe...

For info go [URL=http://kurayami.net/kaikan/]HERE[/URL] !!!

*starts to drowl again*
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