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In DBZ, they say how Kamehamehas, Petite Blasts, and such are pure energy, right? Well, I was thinking over some science and it hit me...

[B][SIZE=3]!! WARNING !![/SIZE][/B]
(If you hate Science, please, leave this thread...)

Rutherford had found that radioactive rays would split into 3 parts after being put through a magnetic field.
Alpha particle: made up of protons and neutrons
Beta particle: made up of electrons
Gamma ray: PURE ENERGY

:lecture:Scientifically, these gamma rays are just about stopped by a thick piece of lead and are used in x-rays.:huh: If you ever had one, you'd see the doctor use a lead "apron", sort of speaking.:glasses: Now too much exposure to the rays can cause serious injury/ death. :sleep:Confused? Me too.
Now, if these guys here are blasting away their pure energy, don't you think they would've died by now? Even with the power levels, isn't that just...You get the point...

...Then again, you could say how Goku got his heart problem, but that is a little something different, wouldn't you agree?
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Guest BulmaVegeta1
Akira Toriyama really dosen't care about all of that science junk. He just wants to see some action! Anyway, if like Vegeta or Goku produced the energy blast from their bodies, then as you are saying, they are just walking radioactive creatures that could die at any moment. I mean, it's a cartoon and it's not real, so who would want all of that complicating stuff in the show. People would get tired of watching it. But as we all know, Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, and all of the other saiyan blood are not human (partially) so that means that they are not like us. Blah, blah. Now on with the show! Good night, people. I have been up too late...:o

Trunks: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
Vegeta: Trunks!
Bulma: I thought I told him to stay in bed!
If u do not understand this, just e-mail me.
(just a little dream of mine:D )
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treating this as a valid theory:

who's to say that ki blasts are "pure" energy? energy is entirely physical.. ki blasts could be somewhat metaphysical. or the energy may not come wholly from w/in, i.e. the genki-dama.

but, even if they are pure engery, i must assume that this energy is entirely renewable, i.e. food consumption, etc.
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