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RPG Trial By Fire [Spar: M - LV]

Ozymandius Jones

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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed][I][Note: This is a closed sparr between Vicky and myself, OzymandiusJones. Do not post herein, but feel free to watch][/I]

Charles de Fontaine was a wanted man. He had been, most of his life, ever since growing up on the streets. But now, he was in even more trouble - on foot in an unfamiliar country, without so much as a single clue how he'd got there.

He was surrounded by wilderness. He was not [i]used[/i] to wilderness. The wiry blond man shook his head, lighting a fresh cigarette off the deep scratch on his palm, using the same scratch to set the tree that had done the scratching on fire. He watched the dry tree go up in flame before he scrambled down a rocky slope, grimacing.

He did not like this. Not one bit. The trees surrounded him, and the mountains, and it was all so unfamiliar. He had a backpack - a knife, a water bottle, a box of matches and a thermal blanket - and no clue how he'd [i]got[/i] the backpack, and that worried him as well.

Up ahead, beneath him on the slope, smoke was rising from what looked like a small clearing. He didn't know what was causing the smoke, but odds are it would be someone else - fires didn't generally start by themselves.

So he set his course by that smoke, following it to what he hoped would be his way out of this.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][I]Bleh, bad post ;_;[/I]

A mixture of red and orange light flooded Adofo?s vision as soon as he opened his eyes. He stared at it, not actually knowing what it was and soon figured out he couldn?t hear a thing, either. He blinked, his eyes getting irritated from the smoke that was hanging around so close to his face. Orange blazes and smoke? that really didn?t seem like a good thing. He rolled over, clawed at the metal floor with black nails until he could drag himself to his feet. His vision began to make out more of his surroundings, his hearing was coming back in a high pitch buzz and he began to realise exactly what was going on.

The ship was burning in a fury or red flames, parts of the hull were piercing the inside, the screens smashed to oblivion and not a single piece of metal that wasn?t melted, broken or black like the smoke. By Adofo?s standard the ship was small, even now so when its metal had been crushed inwards. Adofo walked forward through the flames, shoving an imploded piece of the ship?s wall out of his way and walking towards the pilot?s seat. What he saw was not a pretty sight.

Yet Adofo seemed unmoved by the vision of his pilot?s body being crushed by a hunk of burning metal and shards of glass stuck in his red face. He still had his eyes open and he looked like he was crying. Adofo knew he wasn?t, that was just blood.

Just in time Adofo?s hearing became a bit clearer and he picked up the sound of sizzling, then a loud bang behind him. He glanced over his shoulder and saw that the back of the ship, probably [i]all[/i] of the other half, was crackling with an even more ferocious fire than behind. Adofo bit his thumb thoughtfully with his sharp teeth.

He turned to his dead pilot, frowned like it was some kind of burden. Well, it was. If anyone found a dead demon in a burning ship? no doubt it?d cause some kind of uproar in Earth?s society. Not that Adofo gave a shit, really, he was just worried about his low profile.

In an instant he turned around to the side of the ship, horns down low and ran himself into the hull. The metal buckled when Adofo?s horn collided with it and was pushed outwards, along with Adofo who soon found himself face first in a puddle of wet mud.

He rolled over, face full of mud and looked back at his burning ship. The entire thing was puffing out smoke like a thirty foot long cigar. Adofo snarled, knowing full well a lot of people would be able to see that. He didn?t plan on hanging around for them to find him.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Charles's jog slowed to a walk, and then stopped altogether when he reached the clearing, jaw dropping despite himself. Heat was rolling from the source of the smoke, heat so hot even [i]he[/i] could feel it, and that was rare these days.

There was something there, something massive and metal, melting into what looked like mud, but probably wasn't made with water, given that the surroundings were bone-dry. He took one step out of the trees, feeling strangely like a character in a horror movie. There was something...odd, going on here.

"Hey! Anyone out there?" His voice echoed off the trees on the other side of the clearing. "Who started the freakin' fire, huh? Come on, answer!"

No reply that he could here. He took another step forward, shaking his head. "Hello?" One hand went to his knife, his eyes stayed on the smoke.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]This planet was plagued and intent on his doom, Adofo had decided. This was his second crash, forth for his entire species. What, did the humans love them or something? Ha, Adofo doubted it. He wanted them dead, anyway. He'd kill them later, he supposed. Now he just had to figure out where he was and how he was going to get out of this mess.

He looked at his surroundings and made a disgusted snort at the opened aired view, all the mountains and trees and - gah, it was horrible. Adofo was used to fire, scorched lands, volcanic ash raining down from the sky. This was beauty and he hated it. Beauty should be dead. He grumbled, dragging himself away from the ship incase it blew up in his face. As he walked, he placed a hand to his forehead and noticed a black, sticky substance. Hey, it was his blood.

[B]"Hey! Anyone out there?"[/B]

Adofo's head snapped up when his ears picked up the sound of a voice echoing somewhere up ahead. He swore under his breath in a different language no human would understand and darted for the nearest set of trees, somewhat slowly in fact. Oh, it was all good and well being a big scary monster, just he never learned how to run fast.

He kept walking past the trees, waiting for any sounds once again so he could determine his position. When the voice came again, echoing into the demon's ears, he grinned and began to back away. He looked around, still backing up, and noticed a figure. A human. A pathetic little --


Adofo had backed away into a rock and, unfortunately, he was strong enough to throw people to the ground but not lean enough to catch himself from falling. He fell to the ground with an almighty thud, his horns hitting the floor before the back of his head and sticking into the ground slightly.

Well, shit. Someone probably heard that.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]Charles jumped at the thud. Despite his yelling, he hadn't been expecting any kind of response, much less something that sounded loud enough to shake the ground. He took another step forward, closer to the burning wreckage.

"I heard that, yanno." [i]Maybe I was supposed to.[/i] That thought did not sit well.

Silence. It was starting to get to him. As was the cloud of smoke...he finally caught a glimpse of something moving, further away, and set out for the movement, sliding the knife out of its sheath and tucking it in his belt, where it'd be easier to get to. Easier, and faster.

His hand was starting to itch; he winced, rubbing it on his pantleg and cursing when he had to slap out fresh flames. Hopefully he hadn't got anything in the cut...he hadn't had an infected wound since the powers had developed, and he was not in a hurry to get one. He called out, mostly to take him mind off his hand.

"You're not very quiet." Every instinct was telling him to run, but he ignored instinct for once, slogging through the strange mud. "Anyone ever tell you that?"[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Adofo rolled over onto his face and pushed himself up with ease. He was frowning (as usual) and pretending nothing had happened; he wasn't going to let a little tumble embarrass him. He stood up and shook the dirt off his horns with another curse word following from his mouth. Then, he heard it again.

Someone was definitely near and someone was probably going to blow Adofo's cover... granted Adofo was very hard to cover and someone probably already knew about the crash... but it was still rather dangerous walking around the wilderness and risking an unknown human finding out there were demons on their planet, moreso aliens in their Universe.

Adofo rolled his eyes. Small minided people.

There was another shout. God, this human was loud. Adofo's head snapped towards the direction of the human's voice and his eyes immediately spotted a man, who had most likely seen a glimpse of Adofo at some point. Adofo scratched his horns at the problem of a human being glimpsing a demon. It wasn't a very --

[I]Ah, horns.[/I]

Adofo grinned. He clapped his large hands together and lower his head, and dug his boot into the ground, eroding the dirt. He rounded his shoulders and, like a speeding bull, charged for the human. He was going in the right direction, whether he'd hit the human was another story.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]If Charles's thought process could be translated into something readable, the closest thing would look like this: [i]asfaqejkqgtiuweft![/i] Yes, gibberish. There was some [i]thing[/i] with massive horns - massive everything, truth be told - lunging for him like a crazed animal. This. Was not normal - not even for what he was used to.

But still, at the same time, all the same. The thing - guy, person, whatever was huge. Huge - but easy to avoid.

So Charles did, scrambling to the side frantically. He almost lost his balance, slamming his hand into another tree - and he winced when the rough bark aggrevated the already torn skin.

"Hey!" First law of the street rat: Fighting? It's a last resort. Talk your way out of things, unless there's, yanno, more of you then there are of them. "What gives? I didn't do nothin'." He blew on his palm, gently - he didn't want flame to erupt, not right now. "Just want out of this freakin' place, ok?" He started backing away, hand inching towards his knife.

[i]He attacks again 'e's goin' down.[/i]

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[SIZE=1]Fast mind, slow body. By the time Adofo had realised he had completely missed his target he began to stop himself, though his legs only stopped moving after he skidded to a halt, pushing up dirt with the tip of his boots and almost toppling backwards. He regained his balance and, in doing so, nearly toppled forward. Curse his weight.

He turned around in a snap and saw a human ? somewhat tall for his species, blonde hair, a little more intimidating than the average human being, Adofo supposed. Still, the demon wasn?t scared. The man, on the other hand, looked a little confused. Or a lot confused; Adofo didn?t blame him, really.

[B]?W-what? what the hell??[/B] the man didn?t stutter because he was afraid, probably because he hadn?t seen anything like Adofo before. Adofo grinned at that, animals without fear were always good for sports.

Adofo didn?t speak. He found that staring at this man, noting everything about him, was far more effective. The man was giving signs that he was worried, and freaked out, by Adofo?s staring. Adofo was good at staring, looking people up and down and grinning, he did it all the time. He kept his gaze on the human, stern and unmoving, just trying to stir things up a bit. When Adofo saw the man move his hand towards what looked like a weapon even more, Adofo?s eyes widened a little and he decided to [I]really[/I] be annoying.

[B]?What the hell are you staring at??[/B] he sneered, acting offended.

Adofo charged the man again, this time with one hand in front of him and his other clenched behind his back, just in case his victim moved out of the way, which was very likely.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]The staring was annoying. Slightly unhinging. And then, again with the lunging.

Whoever - whatever - this thing was, it didn't want to talk. Apparently. Charles danced out of the way again, whipping the knife off his belt.

"Alright, so y'don't want to talk. Why don't y'jus-" He had spun to follow the demon's lunge - and now he had turned as well, and a huge fist slammed into his jaw. Stars filled his eyes and he stumbled back, trying not to bite his tongue.

"Ok, ow...tha' hurt..." He swung the knife around, aiming for his assailant's shoulder. "What's the big idea, huh? Jus' wanted to see-" A second fist connected with his nose; and he did bite down on his tongue this time. He glared, backing off as his knifeblade danced across the other's shoulder, cutting through fabric before he jumped back, hopefully out of arm's reach.


Somehow this didn't seem right. He brushed his hand under his lip - his tongue wasn't bleeding, good. He smirked a little, flicking his fingers at the other guy.

"C'mon, slowpoke." He managed a slight grin. "Bring it on."[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Adofo?s mouth twitched slightly when the stranger?s blade had come across his shoulder. His hand immediately latched to his wound, black blood dripping between his fingers. Adofo looked at the man, he was smirking. Adofo snarled at him.

[B]?C?mon slowpoke. Show me what you got.?[/B]

Adofo hissed at the man, swinging his fist out and trying to claw at his enemy. The human was too far back for Adofo?s claw to rake through his skin. Adofo snarled again at the man, watching him carefully, moving around him, fully aware he had a knife. There was something strange about this man, Adofo couldn?t ignore that. He touched the wound on his shoulder again, dragging blood out of it on his fingertips and rubbing his own blood into the tips of his fingers, all the time keeping his eyes on the human.

Wasn?t going to let some stupid homo sapien get away with a knife wound. Hell no. Adofo was sure his little human friend was tired of all the lunging, so, he did it again. Adofo leapt forward for the human, smirking secretly when he saw the man side step with his knife ready.

Adofo stopped himself with difficultly, nearly falling backwards but still managing to grab the human?s wrist. Adofo pulled the human?s arm, trying to drag the stupid little animal towards ?

Before Adofo could even finish his little plan to get the man on the floor he had been kicked in the ribs. Adofo was taken off guard, he let go of the human?s hand and turned his head around, planning to scream in the human?s face (many times yelling had been an effect way of intimidating people). When Adofo turned his head he was attacked by a knife to his cheek, and then a kick in his shins. Adofo found himself on the floor.

[B]?Need to move faster than tha?,?[/B] the man chuckled. Adofo snarled, digging his nails into the dirt.

He stood up, a lump of dirt in his hands, looked at the man over his shoulder. Adofo felt his own blood dripping down his cheek, into his mouth and spat it out at once.

[B]?I?ll do better next time.?[/B] Adofo laughed. He suddenly turned around, throwing a great lump of dirt into the human?s eyes. Not really wanting to waste any time, Adofo stormed over to the man whilst he was taken off-guard, stepped behind him and lock his huge arm around the man?s neck, pulling him into a tight headlock and snarling.

[B]?Is this better? Why don?t you tell me your name, so I can put it on your grave before I bury you alive in this ugly rock you call home??[/B][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1][B][I]?Is this better? Why don?t you tell me your name, so I can put it on your grave before I bury you alive in this ugly rock you call home??[/I][/B] The arm around his throat made it hard - no, almost [i]impossible[/i] - to breath, but Charles tried anyways. Rasping, coughing against the arm and its rock-hard muscles. He did the only thing he could think of, snapping his teeth down on the demon's arm, hard.

And the reaction was not what he was expecting. At all. He just heard chuckles, like the thing was amused. He stopped chomping down, heard him growl.
"What's the matter, I didn't scream and let go? Is that what the problem is?" [/B]The arm just tightened. Charles choked in a breath before wrenching his arm around and driving the knife into the other's wrist, spilling more of the black-blood, just visible in his peripheral vision, which was beginning to go black.

The arm loosened abruptly, and he was shoved away, where he staggered to keep his feet.[B] "I asked you your name, human." [/B]Charles shook his head, sucking in air.

[B]"'s Charles, an' tha's all y'need to know, freak."[/B]

Again the chuckling. [B]"You think names will hurt me? Think again."[/B] He began circling, Charles turned to keep him in his sight, shrugging one shoulder.

[B]"I dunno, can't hurt, really..." [/B]His voice was rough, his throat still burned. The demon grinned like a shark.

[B]"You're right, it [i]can't[/i] hurt. But I can hurt you..." [/B]He stalked forward - Charles jumped back, growling.

[b]"You can try!"[/b] He smirked - until he jumped against yet another stupid tree, branches poking at his ribs. [b]"...oh, crap."[/b][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Adofo stalked forward towards Charles ? plain name even for a human ? grinning at the human?s growling. Adofo?s grin grew bigger when Charles had backed into a tree, now at Adofo?s. Though, it seemed strange; Adofo was convinced this Charles would put up a good fight. In fact, he already had done. That was already a great victory in Adofo?s books. Except Adofo would kill him anyway.

The demon swung his fist at Charles and the tree, putting all his force into the one punch. Charles ducked; Adofo?s arm crashed into the tree and snapped the weak wood a part. The broken tree was sent flying to the ground, narrowly missing or perhaps catching Charles? head. Charles managed to avoid being hurt too much, though, much to Adofo?s dislike.

[B]?Ya missed again, freak.?[/B] Charles snarled.

[B]?The name is Adofo, you idiot.?[/B] Adofo retorted, turning around to face Charles.

Adofo snarled at Charles and, something he didn?t do, turned his back. The demon walked over to the recently destroyed tree and went to pick it up? he?d like to see the human run away from [I]this[/I].

[I]OOC: Sorry Ozeh for the extremely worthless post ;_; bad day, but I did promise I?d post.[/I][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]The demon - [i]Adofo[/i], Charles reminded himself - turned his back. Charles didn't wait to see why, charging after, lashing out with the blade, trying to catch the demon's arm again before dodging out of grabbing range. His head was buzzing. The tree had brushed his temple: scraped enough to hurt, but not enough to make him bleed.

[B]"Can't bury me if y'can't catch me, man,"[/B] he sneered. Alien shoulders tensed, and Charles readied himself for another charge - that never came. Instead, about half of the tree the thing had just punched apart came flying through the air.

Charles may have been fast, but even he couldn't avoid all of the tree; dodging frantically only made it so the tree hit his shoulder instead of his head. He stumbled, but braced his feet, not wanting to let Adofo see how the last blow had shaken him.

[B]"Ah, but patience can wear down speed. I will bury you, eventually."[/B] Adofo grinned. It wasn't a friendly grin at all. [B]"You're just causing yourself more pain."[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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