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RPG Soldier Unit Gundam Neo(Recruiting)


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Alright pilots...listen up. The name of this rpg will be Gundam Neo, it is the prequel to a fan fiction I'm going to be releasing in the near future. The basic storyline is this:
The organization called The Imperial Revolution(Imps) has seized control of all the space outside of Earth's respective jurisdiction. This includes Mars, and the Asteroid Belt. They seem to planning an invasion. The International Earth Alliance(I.E.A.) has put into action a new military group, The General Infantry Force(G.I.F.).
You can choose to be one of 5 gundams to be employed by the G.I.F. or you can choose to be one of the 4 Key Soldier Units to the Imp invasion. If you join too late to be any of these 9, then you may create a normal Soldier unit made of Titanium Alloy if you wish to join the Earth, or choose a Vampire unit(read below) if you wish to join the Imps.
The Imps use a new element called Imperium to make their Soldier units. It is slightly stronger and lighter than gundarium, but it affects the pilot's brain in a way yet to be revealed.
The main-stay of the Imps infantry are the Vampires. They are the most deadly force Earth has ever faced. They are very strong, and will use this strength to hold their opponents, and then "bite" them with their "fangs". In actuality the "fangs" are tubes that protrude from the under-side of the Vamp's head, and they inject liquid Imperium into the area they puncture. And Imperium in its lquid form in HIGHLY dangerous.

Name: Lt. Mac Castilonge
Soldier Unit: Celestial Gundam
Alliance: G.I.F.

Good luck, pilots...
[i]end transmission[/i]
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