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Gaming a few FFIX questions


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when you get all of the 13 coins for that creepy lady in treno you get cinna's hammer. and supposedly if you have the hammer when you finish the game your supposed to have an added little scene. my first question is that if you use the hammer at Hades's snyth shop to get the tin armor will you still have that scene at the end? (is there anyplace where i can buy tin armor?)

how strong is ark? how much does he do averagely if hes boosted? how much mp does he use to be summoned? (i hadn't gotten to fight Hades yet.. but I'm almost there)

how is the strength of dragons crest(freya) determined?.. when i first got it .. it sucked i was like level 40 and dragons crest did like.. 240 damage.. now shes like level .. 60 or somewhere in that area and it does like almost 7-8 thousand?

heh.. and for some silly questions

why do all of zidanes skills SUCK!? .. -.-

why dose ekio have all of the useful summons and curative spells but you have to use dagger just because she can summon ark?

why does quinna have SOME good skills but they are harder then heck to get (unless matramagic works.. which it usually doesn't)

why can flare be reflected?.. -_____- ..

why does it take so long to get more gem stones(for abilities)?

why do the skills you need take up like.. 10-17 gemstones?..

why cant steiner learn half MP? (shock takes alot of mp..)

why do gold chocobos have to land in forests? >.<
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Although I don't have it, Freya's Dragon Crest works at:
[size=1]Freya's Level x No. Dragons Killed = HP knocked of enemy[/size]

You must have Cinna's hammer [u]in your inventory[/u] to get the other ending..so I guess that means ya can't synth it

and uh,..
Gold Chocobo's only land in forests (after flying) because they lay eggs on the trees on the way down each time, thus saving the chocovironment :drunk: [/b]
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yay i beat ozma(on my second try.. yay.. i was really unlucky the first try.. he cast meteor as the very first move.. -_-) and hades... hades is really funny when you beat ozma first.. hes all like .. "YOU BEAT OZMA?!" dahah..

anyways, thanks for the help :)

ark is pretty.. and fun to watch.. but he isn't quite as good as i expected.. ohwell.. atleast that means i can use ekio.. madeen(sp?) is better.. it isn't so long, it doesn't take as much mp and it often hits for 9999(boosted)

:D i have my perfect party.. doing 30,000-35,000 damage a round..

steiner (shock) 9999
ekio (madeen) 8500-9999
freya (dragon crest) 9999
zidane (steal+mug) 2300-3000 or attacking for about 5000-9000
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Dagger's useless, even w/ Ark. I always used zidane-steiner-freya-eiko. Eiko's Holy does enough damage to make her a good offensive character, plus she can heal. Hmm....shock's high cost doesn't matter if you use Freya's reis' wind to suck the MP out of them. And quina has some pretty good skills, white wind, big guard, all that good stuff. Zidane's skills don't suck, why he has.........uh.......well stealing is always useful, and.....yeah zidane sux, heh in the fight w/ Ozma all he can do is steal and attack. Ozma was hard as hell, but if you use a tent on him as your first attack, it could poison/silence/darken him, or Quina's magic hammer (er.....think that was it, the MP draining one) and drain all his MP, he can't use curaga or meteor, which helps a LOT.
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... drain .. ozma's mp?... bahahah.. THATS FUNNY! lol.. that would take quite a few rounds..

i had freya cast dragons crest each round.. no matter what because even when shes mini, it still does 9999, i had ekio heal or unmini steiner .. and when zidane tranced then i had him use grand leathal.. unless he was minied..

quina would have been alright to have.. but my party works just fine :)

i usually have to fret over who to choose.. freya or amarant because they are both good at restoring MP.. but since i got dragon crest up to 9999 .. freya is the bomb ;) lol..
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[SIZE=3][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]yall take the ez people... stiener BLAH... he is so lame... try... freya AND armant instead they rock ;) specially in a boss battle... it is impossible to get killed ;) just keep casting dragon wind and chacra and it is all over... and use your moonstones to use prevent-status stuff and you will ezily win ;)... much more challanging then using stiener lol... he sucks in the no magic place dosent he? and i thought you had to have vivi to cast most of his magic?[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
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