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How to Request Art: Read Before Posting

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[center][size="7"]How to Request[/size][/center]

If you are wanting to create a request based on a specific anime/game/etc, it is important to name your thread appropriately. "Bleach Avatar/Banner Request" is better than "new avatar plz", for instance, or you could add "[RPG]" in the thread title to specify that you're looking for imagery for a Theater production. Specifying the franchise you want in the thread title is the fastest way to get the imagery you're looking for.

Also, make your own thread for your own request. Don't take over somebody else's thread with your request.

[b]Specifics and Detail[/b]

Please be as specific as you can when it comes to requesting avatars and banners (or any image, for that matter). Artists are more likely to help you out if you can be more specific - [i]especially[/i] if you can attach some pictures that they can work with.


Please remember OB's image size restrictions for avatars and banners.

Avatars: 150x80 pixels

Banners: 600x200 pixels

[b]Fulfilling a Request[/b]

If you create a banner, avatar or other artwork for someone, please post that art in the thread where it was requested - [b]do not[/b] create a new thread to post art.

[b]Useful Tips[/b]

If you want a specific artist to create something for you, please PM them or use another contact option (email, IM, etc). Do not create a request in this forum directed at only one artist.

And of course, courtesy is key. You're more likely to get what you want if you're polite to other members. This goes for art creators too - getting frustrated and angry at requesters will only cause problems. As always, respecting others is key. Edited by Boo
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