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Anthology Basics: Read Before Posting

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Please note that OtakuBoards Rules also apply in this forum. The Anthology is the home of literature at Otakuboards. Poems, lyrics, stories, fanfics and book discussions all belong here.

Some Basic Rules

1. Please use punctuation, line breaks for paragraphs and correct grammar and spelling. By making sure that your post quality is up to the standard of Otakuboards, it makes it much easier to read and enjoy your work.

2. You may double post in this forum if you wish to add extra content to your work. If you reach the character limit within your post, you are welcome to double post. If you post many times in a row, the Moderator may combine your posts into one for the sake of clarity. Currently this is the only forum where you may double post.

3. If you are a very regular writer who creates lots of threads, we’d recommend that you limit your work to one thread, so that you don’t clutter up the forum with several threads at once. In the same way, if your story has multiple chapters, keep it in one thread.

4. Make sure that when commenting on a piece of work, you ensure that you give constructive criticism. Explaining why something is good or bad is essential in this forum, to allow other members to learn and improve their writing.

Content and Quality Standards

OtakuBoards.com is a family-oriented site. Having said that, there are no swearing or language filters in the Theater or Anthology forums. Adult content and offensive language are allowed, but should be used only when it serves the story. If the amount of foul language or adult content in your posts is deemed excessive or unnecessary by our moderating staff, your posts may be edited or deleted.

For further information regarding the forum’s rules, please ask an Otakuboards Staff Member.

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