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RPG Flash Vs. Warlock: The Revival


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[I]Flash stands atop a high cliff, overlooking a forest, silhouetted by the setting sun... He looks into the distance, and begins to sense an energy source...[/I]

Flash: Can you feel that?

[I]Connor walks up next to Flash, and looks towards the horizon...[/I]

Connor: Yes... It's him.

Flash: And so the Endless Waltz continues...

[I]Flash continues looking out into the distance, seeming mystical and mysterious... Connor smirks at him.[/I]

Connor: What the hell was that?

Flash: *Turns angrily to Connor* What do ya mean?!

Connor: You're obsessed.

Flash: What the hell are you talking about!?

Connor: You manage to bring something related to Gundam into every conversation we have.

Flash: What!? Oh, come on! Just because I said Endless Waltz, doesn't mean I was refer-

Connor: *interrupting* Yes it does, so just shut up.

Flash: .... *turns back to horizon*

Connor: *turns back to horizon* *cough*Fanboy*cough*

Flash: *grabs Connor by the shirt collar* WHAT DID YOU SAY!?

Connor: I said... Ban Roy...

Flash: *drops Connor* Who the hell is Roy?

Connor: Erm.. Spammer... Yeah, that's it... Big time spammer.

Flash: Oh. I don't like spammers much..

Connor: (Good... Slow witted as always, without his daily coffee intake..)

Flash: Hey, I haven't had my coffee today...

Connor: Oh, would ya look at that. No coffee machines for miles.

Flash: Good thing I brought these.

[I]Flash pulls a small bottle out of his pocket, opens it, and taps 3 pills into his hand... He swallows them all down..[/I]

Connor: ...What the hell were they?

Flash: Concentrated coffee pills.

Connor: ....

Flash: Yup... 1 pill is the equivalent of 15 cups of coffee, so...

Connor: ....You've got to be kidding me...

Flash: What? I like coffee, that's all...

Connor: You're really weird sometimes, Flash. Actually, you're really weird all of the time.

Flash: Thanks.

Connor: Enough of this... Warlock is coming.. He should be here soon...

Flash: Excellent... *cracks knuckles* We still have a score to settle...

Connor: You've learnt alot since your last battle. But so has he.

Flash: That's right..

Connor: So don't get cocky now...

Flash: No need to. I'll win for sure.

Connor: ....

Flash: Well, come on! Gimmie some encouragement!

Connor: I would... But I'd rather not.

Flash: ....

Connor: Don't think I'm gonna help you out just because I created you.

Flash: What!? I didn't think that at all!

Connor: I have to go now... Places to go, Juggernauts to defeat.

Flash: you've got What to defeat now?

Connor: Never mind. Good luck, you'll need it...

Flash: Please, Connor. Save those words for someone who needs them.

Connor: Believe me, Flash. You'll need alot more than just luck to beat Warlock.

[I]And with that, Connor waves his hand opening a portal... He steps through, and it closes behind him... Flash turns, and eagerly awaits Warlock's arrival...[/I]
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[I]Several miles away from Flash, over a giant pine forest, the wind begins to move more fiercly. The pines beneath slightly rock, and then, all of a sudden, stop. A quick flash of colours, and everything is back to normal...[/I]

Warlock: [I]There he is...[/I]

[I]Warlock continues to rocket forward, and covers the next mile in a mere second. It seems his speed has improved greatly.[/I]

Warlock: [I]Get ready Flash. Cause ready or not, here I come![/I]

[I]Warlock instantly stops, a few metres in front of Flash. His cloak flutters violently in the wind, and he slowly begins his descent onto the cliff-face.[/I]

Warlock: It's great to be about to fight you again Flash...

Flash: It's been awhile. Must be what, 10 years?

Warlock: ...Two months...

Flash: Well the time sure flew, didn't it?

Warlock: You've been having to much coffee, haven't you?

Flash: What'd make you think that?

Warlock: Let's just get fighting Flash...

[I]Warlock appears a few feet back from Flash, and quickly gets into his fighting stance.[/I]

Flash: I'm game.
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[I]Flash begins the fight charging at Warlock, connecting with a powerful elbow into the stomach... He brings his fist up and hits Warlock in the face with a powerful backhand smash... He then spins around backwards, and attempts to smash Warlock in the face with a spinning kick... Warlock blocks the kick, and counters with a powerful uppercut into Flash's stomach... Flash falls back a bit, and Warlock does a forceful strike directly into Flash's chest, knocking him back a bit further... Once Flash regains his composure, he smirks, and begins to power up an attack...[/I]

Flash: Let's see how you like this!

[I]Flash charges up the ball of energy to full, and releases it..[/I]
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[I]Warlock flew back away from the ball of energy, charging up his own. At the last second, he threw the red ball of energy like a discus, and it went colliding with the first ball of energy. The blast lit up the entire sky, and both Warlock and Flash were sent flying off the cliff edge. Warlock regained his composure mid-way through the air, and floated there, trying to sense Flash.[/I]

Warlock: "He isn't there...nor there...he's there!"

[I]Warlock quickly releaseed a small ball of energy, which flew to his right, before exploding about 20 metres out. Warlock smirked, before quickly turning around, and barely stopping a kick to his kidneys.[/I]

Warlock: "Close, but not close enough."

[I]Warlock and Flash circled each other, before clashing...[/I]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Warlock [/i]

Erm, sorry, got a bit caught up in things. *cough*Flash's Rage*cough*


[I]Flash and Warlock fight for a few minutes, when Flash suddenly quickly kicks Warlock in the stomach, sending him back a bit.... Just long enough for Flash to begin his assault...[/I]

Flash: Now die!

[I]Flash begins a renzoku energy dan, unleashing a barrage of Ki blasts at Warlock... Soon, Warlock is being hammered into a cliff face, getting pounded in harder and harder by the oncoming blasts of Ki...[/I]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Final_Flash [/i]
[B]Erm, sorry, got a bit caught up in things. *cough*Flash's Rage*cough*

Then you're completely excused...
[I]Searing hot pain shocked itself through Warlock's body, while many parts of Warlock's body began to bleed. Slowly, Warlock's eyes began to droop, but he quickly tensed up his muscles, and anger started to boil through him.[/I]

Warlock: "...That's...enough!"

[I]Suddenly, all the newer ki blasts exploded a metre away from Warlock, and revealed a red energy wall in front of him. He floated forward, but the ki blasts continued to hit one metre in front of him. Flash noticed this, and stopped. The dust cleared, and Warlock smirked from behind his red energy bubble.[/I]

Warlock: "My turn!"

[I]The bubble dissapeared, and a super-sonic sound invaded Flash's eardrums. Moments later he was knocked flying, smashing into another cliff, and falling to the ground, momentarily dazed.[/I]

Warlock: "I better heal..."

[I]As Warlock closed his eyes, and red light surrounded him, and he began to heal...[/I]
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Flash: Interesting trick, 'Locky. But It's not going to help you in the long run..

[I]Flash uses the wall to push himself towards Warlock... As he takes off, the huge rock wall collapses, broken by the sheer magnitude of his power... He brings one fist foward with unbelieveable velocity, shattering Warlock's energy shield... Warlock has a spilt second to move, and he does, letting Flash fly straight into the cliff face behind him... But Flash doesn't let that stop him... He crashes through the solid rock, shattering it with ease. As Warlock watchs the huge mountain crumble, a small, sharp ball of Ki hurdles past him, from behind the sheet of dust of the breaking mountain... Warlock watches it hit another cliff, and cut straight through it, like a hot knife through butter... Suddenly, a huge wave of similar blasts head towards Warlock from his left and right sides... Flash appears far behind him...[/I]

Flash: Ha ha! How are you going to get out of this trap, Warlock?

[I]And with that, Flash throws another 10 or so of the balls of Ki at Warlock...[/I]
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[I]Warlock glances around at the coming ki, and smirks. Just as the blasts touch and tinge his sides, he dissapears, using his own form of Instant Transmission. The ki blasts hit each other, creating a magnificiant explosion, but Flash can't tell if Warlock is alive or not. However, his questions are answered when a knee pushes into his gut, and he bends over as it digs in further, causing his to spit out blood. The knee removes itself, and Flash glances up at an enraged Warlock.[/I]

Warlock: Never...*Grabs onto Flash's collar*...call me 'Locky!

[I]Warlock used his other hand to smash into Flash's neck, causing his neck to move forward, and for him to splutter more blood. In a fluid motion, Warlock releases his grip on Flash, and hammers him with both fists on the head. Flash does smashing into the ground, and Warlock flys after him...[/I]
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[I]Flash barely manages to get up out of the rubble caused by his collision... He looks up, and sees Warlock speeding towards him... He does some crazy-*** hand motions, and then puts his hands foward, fingers and thumbs touching, forming a diamond in the middle... A huge ball of Ki builds up, and then, Flash releases it... But he doesn't throw it... He simply lets it hover there... He takes a step back, and points his right palm at the huge ball of energy... It's hard to say what happened next. A blinding light, and deafening explosion occur... Warlock is left stunned...[/I]

Warlock: Flash?! Did you just...

Flash: Kill myself? Never.

[I]Flash, who had appeared behind Warlock, did a swift chop into the side of Warlock's neck, which gave Flash just enough time to pull off a point-blank Kamehameha... The blast hammered Warlock, and send him hurdling through the air, being carried by the massive blast of Ki...[/I]
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[I]Warlock just tried to relax as the blast carried him further away from Flash. He used the time to quickly focus his energy, and start something he hadn't done for a little while. Miles away, Flash watched as the Kamehameha drifted further and further away, until it suddenly broke apart, and Flash saw the distinct yellow aurora for a breif second. [/I]

Flash: ...Super Saiyia-jin...

[I]A quick flash of yellow, and Flash suddenly felt a stab of been in his chest. He looked down, and saw a fist. Warlock had punched him through the stomach...[/I]
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Flash... I... ugh...

[I]Flash falls to the ground, and Warlock quickly checks his pulse...[/I]

Warlock: ...Dead...

[I]Warlock begins to walk away, when suddenly, he hears something... He looks around, only to see Flash's body gone... He looks in front of him, and sees nothing... He continues walking into the distance... Suddenly, a massive arm wraps around his neck, and holds him high up in the air... He sees it is the extended arm of Flash...[/I]

Flash: Ha ha, I have strange blood in me, Warlock. Strange yet strong. And it seems somewhat evil... But enough Idle banter, prepare to die!

[I]Flash squeezes harder, draining the life force out of Warlock..[/I]
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[I]Warlock coughs up blood, and then his body simply goes limp. Flash however, continued to squeeze Warlock neck, hoping to squash it completely.[/I]

Warlock: [I]You shouldn't of done that![/I]

[I]Flash suddenly lost all feeling in his arm, and he looked over to it. It was now severed, thanks to a large energy sword, attached to Warlock's wrist, which had managed to get behind Warlock's back. Warlock dropped to the ground, and faced Flash [/I]

Warlock: Time you feel real pain!

[I]Warlock tensed his muscels, and began to shout out in fury. Rocks around him lefted into the air, and he reached SSJ2.[/I]

Warlock: You're not the only one with strange blood!

[I]A ki sword erupted from Warlock's other wrist, and he lept at Flash, cutting off his other arm. Bringing his right arm back, Warlock yet again punched through Flash's chest, but this time with a ki sword. [/i]

Warlock: Feel the pain...

[I]Just as Warlock finished his sentence, Flash's leg came back, hitting him under the jaw. The ki sword came sliding out, and Warlock went flying back...[/I]
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