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Manga Manga Alley Rules & Etiquette (Please Read Before Posting)

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[center][size=4]Manga Alley Guidelines[/size][/center]
Welcome to Manga Alley! In this neck of the woods, you can come here to talk about the wonderful world of manga, both those that are widely published and things that you have created yourself. We encourage that everyone post here, but we do have a few specific rules that we ask that everyone follow:

1) [b]Regarding Already-Existing Manga[/b]

This rule is very simple. All you have to do is run a search in the forum about the manga you want to post about before creating a new thread about it. It saves us Mods a lot of time and energy and it saves a lot of embarrassment on your part as well. Pretty soon, we should have the Manga Directory thread back up, which will make searching for pre-existing threads a lot easier.

2) [b]Regarding Original Manga[/b]

A couple of things here. First and foremost, since this is something that you've created, not a lot of people are going to know what you're talking about if you jot down notes that you've written in your own form of shorthand. Be precise and clear when you explain things. It helps out readers a bunch.

Second, if you have pages, you can feel free to post them...in the Art Studio. I say this because the Art Studio is where art typically goes on OtakuBoards with very few exceptions. You can feel free to post a link to the files that you've uploaded in AS, but the Alley is mainly for discussing and helping with written ideas. Besides, the artsy folk over there would be a big help with giving you drawing tips and suchlike. ^_~

Of course, the normal posting rules of OB also apply here, just like every other forum. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to shoot me or indifference a PM asking for help. That's what we're here for after all. :)



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