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    RIP Desbreko 1988-2016

    Honestly, I still don't really know how to put how I feel into words regarding this. I feel like it's a bit surreal. Des is someone that I feel so fortunate having met. Though he was always on the quiet side, when he did speak, he always had a way of making me smile. Being a moderator with him is something I consider an honor. Whenever I approached him with questions, he always had an answer. It made me want to do better. I feel like I owe him for that. Des was partly responsible for getting me to love anime as much as I did. I can't tell you how many things he got me into. But because of him, I've been able to introduce those things to new friends and see how much enjoyment they get out of it--probably as much joy as he did showing those things to all of us. He was such a big, BIG part of this community in its heyday... It's just surreal to think that funny, silly, hard-working Des is no longer part of this world. I'm so heartbroken by all of it. The world lost a good man.
  2. [color=darkblue][size=1]One of the main purposes of Manga Alley is to get help with working on your artwork. With that being said, I have decided to create this topic. Any people wishing to ask for help from others will post a "help wanted" post here. Any topics created from now on regarding this subject will either be merged with this topic, or deleted entirely. Thanks much, Kei[/color][/size]
  3. [quote name='CaNz' timestamp='1320361205' post='710117'] Did you Tell Kei when Sakura no-showed? [/quote] [font="Tahoma"][color="#000080"]That would probably be why. Either I didn't get a message that she no-showed, or it got lost in my Messenger box. I would like for everyone to send me their win-loss tally (I'm pretty sure you're all keeping track). I already have some things to fix and I want to make sure this is done right. This bye week thing is throwing me.[/color][/font]
  4. [center] [img]http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/7017/logocopypo.png[/img] [left][left][center][font="Century Gothic"]The second tournament officially begins today! Nine trainers have entered the field, but only one will stand at the top of the heap when the dust settles. Will we have a repeat Champion in [b]The Raging Typhoon, Lawliet[/b]? Only time will tell. [b]Let the battles begin![/b][/font] [/center] [/left] [center][img]http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/6302/roster41.png[/img] [font="Century Gothic"][b]Remember, Trainers: You have until [color="#FF0000"]3 a.m. EDT on November 6[/color] to have your battles completed and your results sent to me via PM. Good luck![/b][/font] [/center][/left] [/center]
  5. [b][font="Century Gothic"]Round 4 roster is live. Recaps not available, since several pairs were no-shows/did not report. [/font][/b]
  6. [font="Tahoma"][color="#000080"]I had completely intended to do them, but time got away from me. I'll try to start them again next weeks. [/color][/font]
  7. [b][font="Century Gothic"]Round 3 roster is now live! [/font][/b]
  8. [font="Tahoma"][color="#000080"] It was in the rules that failure to report results or one of both trainers having technical issues would result in a draw-loss. This is a special case at the moment, though. The results will be amended when he comes back and has his battles. I just need to keep them this way for the moment so I don't get confused. [/color][/font]
  9. [b][font="Century Gothic"]Round 2 roster is live! [/font][/b]
  10. [font="Tahoma"][color="#000080"]Roster is forthcoming. Technical difficulties. [/color][/font]
  11. Kei

    Writing Journey Quest

    [b]>PUT IN GAME >TURN ON OUTDATED CONSOLE YOU HAVEN'T USED IN YEARS >CURSE WHEN GAME DOESN'T LOAD >TAKE OUT CARTRIDGE >BLOW IN IT >PUT IT BACK IN >PROFIT[/b] [font="Tahoma"][color="#000080"]Now that that's out of the way... > climb stairs > check door for traps > open doors > berate evil monologue > fight KING OF UNPLEASANT THINGS[/color][/font]
  12. [font="Century Gothic"]The tournament starts anew. This is the final restart. You have until [b][color="#FF0000"]Oct. 15[/color] [/b]to submit your battle results. Good luck! [/font]
  13. [font="Century Gothic"][b]Update: [/b]The tournament will resume on [color="#FF0000"][b]Saturday (Oct. 8)[/b][/color]. Please check the thread for the new matchup roster then. [/font]
  14. Kei

    OB Night Football

    [font="Tahoma"][color="#000080"]In college news, apparently three more players for The Ohio State University have been suspended for the Nebraska game coming up on Saturday for accepting too much pay for too little work at their summer jobs. [url="http://www.wdtn.com/dpp/sports/college/3-buckeyes-suspended-for-nebraska-game"]Link to story[/url] With them being 3-2 already this season, this really isn't something that the Buckeye Nation needs right now, but it brings up a talking point that people have mentioned when the OSU scandal first broke. What is with the NCAA these days? There have been a lot of scandals breaking out over pretty glaring oversights. Is it that the regulators are being lax and only pouncing on something when there's too much evidence to ignore, or are players and coaches getting better at hiding things, or is it a mix of both or what? I don't think I'm the only one that thinks this is getting a bit ridiculous. [/color][/font]
  15. [quote name='White' timestamp='1317519358' post='709705'] [color="#696969"][font="Tahoma"]I've actually got a level 60 Poison team good to go (I was originally going to use it for the tournament but then decided on Grass). I could take Fancies spot if you want - if that's alright with everyone.[/font][/color] [/quote] [font="Tahoma"][color="#000080"]If everyone else is fine with it, then I don't see a problem. However, since that means I'll have to redo the roster to account for that, so the battle timeframe will have to start on Monday, provided I get a response from everyone today (Sunday).[/color][/font]
  16. [font="Tahoma"][color="#000080"]With people dropping out, it's thrown a wrench into the whole mechanic of the robin, so the entire first round may have to be scrubbed and we'll have to start again. That's the only way I can figure that people won't have to have rematches. Sorry, folks. [/color][/font]
  17. The second OB Gym Leader Tournament begins now!

  18. ....Nail. ...Stop making all these damn STATUS UPDAAAAAAATES.

  19. Only one week until the OB Gym Leader Tournament starts up again!



      i thought it said OB Gyn and this suddenly became the strangest status I ever have seen.

  20. DA MAGICKS. Dey are coming. ....soon.

  21. [font="Century Gothic"]All right! The deadline for confirmation has passed, so thank you to everyone who got their posts in on time. This thread is going to be closed from here on out, but if you have any questions, please contact me. The tournament thread will go live on the [b][color="#FF0000"]24th[/color][/b]. See you on the battlefield! [/font]
  22. [center] [img]http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/7017/logocopypo.png[/img] [font="Century Gothic"][b]Come one, come all! The 2nd OtakuBoards Gym Leader Tournament is coming in September![/b][/font] [left][font="Century Gothic"][b]What is the OtakuBoards Gym Leader Tournament?[/b][/font] [font="Century Gothic"]The OBGLT is a tournament for Pokémon trainers here at OtakuBoards. Any and everyone is welcome to participate.[/font] [font="Century Gothic"][b]How do I sign up for the tournament?[/b][/font] [font="Century Gothic"]To claim your stake, simply post in this thread with the type you would like to claim. Once you have decided on your team, please edit your post to include that team and your Friend Code. This post will be edited with open and closed positions during the sign-up process, and with standings once the tournament begins. [/font] [font="Century Gothic"]Sign-ups for the September tournament are currently[/font][font="Century Gothic"][color="#00ff00"] [color="#8B0000"]closed[/color][color="#8B0000"][/color][/color][/font][font="Century Gothic"]. Trainers must register their final team roster by [color="#ff0000"][b]September 3[/b][/color] (meaning the team list must be posted; movesets and Hold Items do not have to be listed). The actual tournament will begin on [b][color="#ff0000"]September 24. [/color][/b][/font][center][font="Century Gothic"][size="4"][b]RULES [size="3"]Regarding Teams[/size] [/b][/size] [/font][left][list=1][*][font="Century Gothic"][b]All Trainers must specialize in one type of Pokémon, i.e. all Pokémon must share a type (Fire, Water, etc., et. al.).[/b][/font][*][font="Century Gothic"][b]Types are claimed on a first-come, first-served basis. [/b][/font][*][font="Century Gothic"][b]All participating Trainers must own a copy of Pokemon Black or Pokemon White. Teams must consist of six Pokémon at Lv. 60. [color="#8b0000"]Duplicates are not allowed.[/color] Two differently gendered Pokemon with different forms do not count as two separate Pokémon.[/b][/font][*][font="Century Gothic"][b][color="#8b0000"]Only one Pseudo-Legendary/Legendary Pokémon is allowed per team.[/color] (i.e. there can only be one, period. Any Trainer with a team roster containing more than one will be asked to change it.)[/b][/font][*][font="Century Gothic"][b]No Pokémon may have their moveset changed during the course of the tournament. Hold Items may be changed.[/b][/font][/list][/left][font="Century Gothic"] [size="3"][b]Regarding Battles[/b][/size] [/font][left][list=1][*][font="Century Gothic"][b]Match-up rosters will be posted early Sunday. Trainers will have until [color="#8b0000"]3 a.m. Sunday Eastern Time[/color] to complete their battles and report their results via PM to the coordinator.[/b][/font][*][font="Century Gothic"][b]If one Trainer contacts another to battle without a response, [color="#8b0000"]the coordinator must be notified ASAP[/color]. If no response is received by the end of the weekly battle window, the non-responsive party will forfeit their match for the week.[/b][/font][*][font="Century Gothic"][b]If technical difficulties arise during the course of a battle, both parties must agree on the final result, or the battle will result in a draw-loss for both parties.[/b][/font][/list] [/left][/center] [center][b][font="Century Gothic"]See you on the battlefield![/font] [/b][/center][/left][/center]
  23. Kei

    Anime Tiger & Bunny

    [quote name='Sangome' timestamp='1315097262' post='709253'] [color="#9932CC"][font="Microsoft Sans Serif"]GAVIN THAT POLL IS EVIL. I love pretty much everyone and I have no idea who to choose, ugh. I was kinda wondering about where those magnetic powers came from, though. I'm also kinda wondering how [spoiler]Barnaby suddenly got his memories back in this most recent episode. Was there something I missed or was it really just the whole FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC!!1 deal?[/spoiler][/font][/color] [/quote] [font="Tahoma"][color="#000080"]From what I gather, [spoiler]Kotetsu calling Barnaby "Bunny-chan" the way he did was enough to snap him out of the mind control. So yes, in a nutshell, Friendship is Magic.[/spoiler] =p More than a bit camp, but considering how things got ramped up to srs biz by the time the episode ended, I think we can forgive them that one.[/color][/font]
  24. Kei

    Anime Tiger & Bunny

    [font="Tahoma"][color="#000080"]For me, Tiger & Bunny is something I've been waiting for. There are a lot of series that tries to approach the whole superhero genre in a new and innovative way and fail in terms of either believability or plain interest. T&B managed to do both well, and it's so, so refreshing. As Gome has said, the art and music are lovely for the series (save for Ep. 19, holy ****). The characters are pretty much amazing, though I do agree that the others could stand with a little more development. In all the episodes, the only one that hasn't gotten at least a little bit of backstory/side story love is Nathan/Fire Emblem, though I have a feeling that's due to the fact that he's gay (the producers actually had trouble finding a company that would be willing to have their logo advertised by him in the series when they were hunting around prior to production). T&B offers a lot of light-hearted fun while re-imagining just about all of the superhero staples. You can find references to past major superheroes just about anywhere you look (Superman, Batman, X-Men, just to name a few), but they don't feel trite at all. If anything, the show only suffers during the moments they slip into melodrama, but fortunately, it doesn't stay there very long. All in all, I would say that it just might be a show to break someone's gums on. There's action, comedy, drama, and an interesting world going for it. It's tons of fun and I will actually be sad when this season comes to an end. In closing, Kotetsu is a boss. That is all. [/color][/font]
  25. [font="Tahoma"][color="#000080"]Five slots confirmed and six hours to go until deadline. Keep them coming, people. [/color][/font]