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Writing The Oracles [PG-LV]


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[FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=DarkRed][B][U]The Oracles [PG-LV][/U]
[RIGHT][I]?Oracles?It is time?[/I][/B][/RIGHT]

The alarm clock rang even louder for the fifth time already. This time, she reached for the alarm clock which was placed on the table just beside her bed. With blurry eyes, she stared at the alarm clock. 4.17a.m it says. She stared harder, as if like she couldn?t believe her eyes. [I]Great?[/I]she thought. As quick as lightning, she threw the covers on the floor, took her favorite attire from the cupboard and rushed into the bathroom, trying not to make any sound to let his tyrant father wake up though.

Fifteen minutes later, she came out of the bathroom, already dressed for school. She stuck herself onto the wall and peered into the hallway through the corner of her eye. Her father was still asleep. Happily she ran down the stairs quietly towards the kitchen. She made herself a tuna sandwich and ate it while she was packing her gray bag pack. After that, she took the house keys and walked towards school.

[RIGHT][B][I][U].:Tohru High School:...:Very early in the morning:.[/B][/I][/U][/RIGHT]

She was the first student to step in the unlocked gates of Tohru High School, a school with not half bad education and has a high reputation of 'undisciplined' students. She thought that getting in the school early means getting to explore the school more. The first place she went after placing her bag in class 3-A1 was the school library hidden archives.

It took her quite a long time trying to force the lock open with her hair clip. A few minutes later, her patience paid off. In front of her is the school's most secretive secrets... She went over and took a book which seems to be a diary and flipped the pages one by one...

[/COLOR][B][U][I]September 4th, 1346[/U]

Finally this school is done after a year of self preservation and hard work. I was indeed proud of myself. Not one human being believed that I will build this school. Well, I proved them wrong; this school will be the most renowned school in the world. I have high hopes for this school...[/B][/I][COLOR=DarkRed]

Bla, bla, bla... Not interesting, she thought. She flipped a couple more pages and found something that caught her attention.

[U][I][B][/COLOR]June 15th, 1353[/U]

I began my usual rounds inspecting this school; from top to bottom. But as far as I remembered, I never placed any weird book like that on that particular shelf. And when I say weird, I mean it. It?s a blue book, about the size of a normal school textbook with silver linings on the edge and a key hole beside it. I was curious and I decided to open it. I was surprised when it was not locked.

The book contained characters which I've never had seen it before. A combination of numbers and words were on the pages. Then, at the back of the pages was a small compartment which consists of cards. Picture cards if I've not mistaken. On the cards were pictures of various species of animals...

Well, I don't dare to bring the book home, so I left it there at the same shelf beside the library's front west door...[/B][/I][COLOR=DarkRed]

Bringing the book along with her, she ran towards the shelf and rummaged the books there. And there it is, still in the exact same condition; blue book with silver lining and a key hole. She opened the book slowly and suddenly, a flash of light shined at her. She was blinded for awhile but regained her sight a few seconds later.

Then, from nowhere a loud, eerie voice is heard?

[B]??I am the Oracle of Truth??[/B][/FONT][/COLOR]
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