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RPG Shadow Winds: The Awakening 2021 {M-V/L}

The Enemy

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Everyone is just getting used to having random monsters in the streets, so for now we're all wondering around trying to find some other survivors.

The wind blew slowly through the streets. The bustling city of Toronto had become a ghost town. There were cars parked throughout the streets, when the first creatures appeared there were a few grid locks around the city. The vehicles were drenched in blood, as were the streets themselves. Littered with corpses of those who didn't turn, but didn't escape either. Broken glass was everywhere, from shattered windows of tall skyscrapers, broken windshields splashed in red. The roads seemed empty, but if any person were to step foot in public, they would be swarmed instantly.

The shadow of a man groped the wall of a high building. Dozens of grotesque beings were at a near by window, screaming blood thirsty howls. They clawed at the figure with long twisted fingers, cutting their arms on the jagged glass still lurking on the edge of the frame. The shaded figure pounced off the wall, cascading and flipping through the sky until it reached another similar wall on the building opposite of the wall. It whipped it's arm around, launching three silver specs into the air. The specs flew hard and fast, driving themselves into the necks of three beings in the opposite side of the street.

By now, many of what were once called humans had gathered to the window of the newer building. The shadow dropped off falling threw the air quickly as it watched the blade-like glass covering the road, quickly come closer. As it got to the ground a large group of the beings following it could be seen falling after it. They screamed in anger as it hit the ground with a smashing noise. The shadow shattered, revealing that it was some type of ice sculpture. The creatures however hit with disgusting cracks and splatters of gel-like blood.

Reese walked out of the darkness and into the stammering light of a street post half short circuited. He looked at the mauled bodies and dead beings and frowned, turning his back. He then heard a scream, it sounded human, like a real human, a survivor! Reese dashed down the center of the street just in time to find a group of huge beats gorging on the carcass of a man. As Reese turned his view away, the beasts growled and turned to his direction. Sensing his danger he ran down an alley and jumped onto the wall, he leapt wall to wall, quickly ascending several storied and ending on the rooftop of a massive office building. He looked out at the sun rise and grinned "This is definitely going to be a long day"
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Lightning walked down a street through downtown guelph. She had been told by her master to come here when the seals magic had started to take effect. It was quite a while now since she was delayed many times and now had to resort to walking. She was surprised at how when she got closer to her destination(a large hanger nearby) that the monstrosities stopped attacking as often and in few numbers and she could tell there where lots in the shadows going in the same direction as her.

As she turned a corned on the street she saw 20 mutants come running at her. Lightning jumped to the side of an incoming blow in an instant and grabbed her sword from her side. She lept up landing ontop of a nearby car cutting 2 mutants that where up there already as she did so with a quick upright slash through its neck and a stab through the side of the others head as she landed. As they fell to the side she had to quickly jump off the car as the others had already started to get on.

Now seeing that more where coming she knew that ths was a fight she could not win right now she swung her sword and witnessed as all the monsters slowed down to a near standstill. She ran through the crowd cutting a few down as she ran through. Lightning jumped up and jumped off one of the many mutants into a 2nd story window that was broken.

She ran to a flight of stairs and ascended them rappidly. as she rounded a bend a mutant jumped at her through a door. She jumped straight up into the air and spread her legs locking her imbetween the 2 walls as she fired 3 shots into the muntant's head. She droped down and went up 2 more flights of stairs and reached the roof. She heard the mutants running up the stairway so she closed the door and leaned up a nearby metal bar against it.

After a few seconds the door was hit with a loud bang as the mutants ran into it and started to try and open it. In about 3 seconds the door flew open and a napalm grenade flew in as the mutands where clawing and crawling on eachother trying to get to lightning first and then they where ingulfed by flames and you could hear them scream as they died burnt in the now scorched hall way. She walked over to the edge of the building and walked down the emergency exit stairway to the ground.

She was now only a few km from where she was to hopefully meet up with some survivors and would make it there by the time the sun went down.
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[COLOR=Magenta]It started to get dark out as Mystere walked the streets. She didn't know where she was and how she got there all she knew was that she had to find some other survivors. There was a location to meet and and it was becoming too dark to see where she was going. Mystere had to hurry. She then ran through the streets looking for the location but couldn't find it. She soon ran into some mutants.

"Great," she siad.
[I]"Hahaha! You won't get away from us little girl,"[/I] said one fo the mutants.

Too bad for them that Mystere was already behind and had to run so she left the mutants with a single trap behind her which they fekk fir. She then kept running. Mystere ran through alleys and streets. Still she couldn't find it. She stopped to rest and saw someone up ahead. She watched as the person walked into the store.

"Found it," Mystere said. She run up to the store and walked in.[/COLOR]

OOC: Kinda short here. Sorry. I really can't see w/out my contacts so I might edit his later.
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Reese was walking around the streets, looking for some form of transportation. He found his path had led him into a storage area, surrounded by 8 large storage garages he knew he could at least find some supplies here. Roughly half of the garages were still untouched. The doors were dented and blood was everywhere as the rest of the city, but the beings lurking around had not made it inside. Reese walked up to the first one and opened it, nothing, it was unused. The second had some furniture but nothing of value. The next was the jack pot, an old motorcycle stood leaned up against the wall inside.

The creatures usually stayed hidden during the day, but they would come out if there was a good chance to kill. Reese being in the area meant just the opposite. The was glad to see the bike had a good bit of gas, he needed to get to Guelph to find the survivors that were meeting there but it would take about an hour to get there on the bike, not to mention trying to walk. He rode fast threw the streets. He had to swerve to avoid a mutant or two here and there but it was generally a safe trip. He arrived in guelph a little over an hour later and ditched the bike as it had run out of gas just within the city.

Not as large or populated as Toronto Guelph was a nice reprieve for Reese. He had to find someone, anyone, that could help him find and restore the seal. The first person he saw was a girl, the was jumping roof tops and definitely a survivor heading somewhere important. Reese quickly flew up the walls of an ally as he had done earlier and was now in hot pursuit of the girl. The seemed strong and very fast, hopefully she would be able to help him. There were no mutants on the roofs so they were in no danger of attack, only falling. It was a high speed chase and Reese knew the girl would see him before he caught up to her. He only hoped she didn't attack him. Thinking he was one of the more powerful mutants.
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Lighting was continueing though the roof tops when she reached the edge of the block. She knew that this would slow down whoever was following her as she jumped of the side of the building grabbing onto a light pole with one hand, sliding down the pole quickly to the street below, she sprinted across the intersection looking behind her she noticed that this what now appeared to be a man had actually somehow gained on her through the process.

Lightning now ran down through and alley way and withdrew her sword, now running at full tilt she raised her sword as it seemed to glow slightly she swund it at a wooden suport beam that held up a large pourch like area and as her sword hit the beam a loud explosion took place sending it down in the path of her pursuer.

The man jumped up onto the wall and ran along it avoiding the ruble and landed softly on the ground and continued to pursue her. Lighting now getting angry jumped into the air spun around swinging her sword in his direction and landing facing the same way she was running and kept her momentem. The man following her was wondering if it was some sort of threat when he saw the concrete on the ground cracking in a line towards him, it seemed as if the swords attack cut the very air as it went at him. He just jumped out of the way in time as it hit a brick pillar behind him and left quite a cut in it.

Lightning knew she had to get to a place with more open space and as she went accross another road saw a soccer feild on the other side of a near by intersection and headed towards it. The guy was still folowing her(and slowely gaining on her), she wondered why he was so persistant. She got across the intersection and onto the soccer feild and turned around with her sword held at him as he was about 6 feet away now and said "just because u can run faster doesn't mean u can fight better" as she made another swing in his direction.
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Reese grinned and jumped high into the air as another hidden wave tore the ground beneath him. While in the air he threw three needles at the girl. She blocked them with the face of her sword and slashed in his direction another few times. He first ducked then rolled to the sides as a goal post behind him took several deep cuts. The girl was clearly frustrated and ran towards him slashing for melee damage. He dodged most of them then ducked one and shoulder checked her back a couple feet as she stood up, angrier than ever.

The flicked her wrist as her large blade clicked into a fire-arm. She shot at Reese aiming for his head and hit directly as Reese?s eye's widened. The shots each chipped off a large chuck but it was ice. Confused she looked at the man closer. He was standing still like a statue and bullet marks lined the top right side of his head, they just knocked off a few bits of his head which it seemed was made of ice. Confused the girl turned to walk away. Just to see the same man standing behind her, and going into a low round house.

She jumped reflexively and switched her weapon back to it's blade form as she fell slashing at the man. She barely rolled out of the way and leapt back to his feet. By the time he looked over the girl was already slashing at his chest. Reese turned quickly and her weapon clashed against the large umbrella donning Reese's back, it was the first time she got a good look at it and didn't really understand his choice in weapons. But it didn't matter, he would be dead soon enough. She kicked Reese's back making him step forward a few times. When he turned he saw the girl preparing for another onslaught with her gun.

Reaching back Reese grabbed the handle of his umbrella. He swung it over his head and opened it as it got to the ground. The sharp edge dug in and he crouched as the girl fired. The bullets bounced off of the hard shield and didn't leave a mark. Reese, while hiding in protection, grabbed a hand full of needles from two pockets in the umbrella, plus a few from his belt. He heard the gun click a couple times as it needed to be reloaded and he stood. Closing the umbrella and returning it to his back, Reese threw the needles, 15 at least. The girl flipped her gun back to a blade and thought of how to defend quickly.
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Lightning saw many needles flying at her and not having enough time to think out a plan swung her hand infront of her. The needles merely feet from her when out of nowhere swords spun around her imensly fast blocking every needle that hit the barrier of swords. After about 2 seconds the swords slowed, they where quite clear and you could quite easily see through them. She grabbed onto one that was infront of her as the remaining ones that where around her all spun into it with each one not changing it's size or shape but made it more solid looking until at last they where all inside it and the sword apeared like a blue clear metal that u couldn't quite see through.

Now holding both swords she lept into the air slashing downward towards the man. He dodged to the side and swung upward with his umbrella. Lightning narrowely dodged to the side and swung both swords at him again as one glowed slightly. He blocked with his umbrella and the explosion sent him off balanced to the side. Lightning attacked again with a downward slash towards his face yelling angrily "stay down". He saw this coming and jumped backwards rolling up to his feet obviously purposely narrowly dodging the blade. Lightning yelled "stop it u ass" as she noticed the sun go down over a nearby building, she snapped out of her anger in an instance.

She looked around to the sides of the soccer feild, and a tremble of terror went down through her body as all she saw where hundreds of mutants lining the soccer pitch. Now that she calmed down she could hear the sounds of horrible moaning and screaching from them and the occasional voice from the occasional not so mutated human. As she saw the suns shadow go across the feild she saw the mutants all start to run towards them. She backed up to him and said "perhaps we should team up for now" as she through her magical blad into the oncoming hordes of mutants it split up into the original swords that where spinning around her and cut a swath through 30 or so mutants as the gap was quickly filled she swallowed harshly and went back to back with her newfound ally facing the throng of mutants now descending on they're position.
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[FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Lyon walked through the half-destroyed building, eager to search for survivors in the dark. He was ready for anything; equipped with his twin blades, Lucifer and Prism and maybe with a bit of luck as well. The streets were filled with a strange scent, maybe because of the smell of death was everywhere. He looked around and saw a several dead bodies lying on the ground.

He walked further into the building until he saw the stairs. The stairs were half broken so he just jump through the gap in the middle and proceeded walking. From the broken glass window, he saw the big bright sun shining down mostly on everything. He looked towards the left and saw a black cat with green eyes staring at him. On his right was another destroyed building.

After fifteen minutes of walking, he finally reached the rooftop. He sat down on the edge of the rooftop and he saw two figures fighting againts themselves. Lyon decided not to jump in the fray just yet, they might be one of the survivors after all...[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Magenta]Just when Mystere had walked into the store, all she saw were mutants. All of them turned and stared at her. They only had one intention and that was to kill any survivors. She backed up and then made a quick turn for the door and ran.
[I]"Get her!"[/I] said one of the mutants.
Mystere just kept running until she ran to an open field. There she was able to not destory any buildings and avoided the attraction of other mutants that lurked in the shadow of the alleys. Mystere pulled out her two katanas and got ready for a battle of her life. All the mutants ran towards her and she slashed down all the ones that she could. Then one mutant had grabbed a stick and hit her with it. She was down for a moment and then got back up. She was a little shocked at the attack and then got her senses back. Many more mutants came at her and were hitting and cutting Mystere. She knew that she was outnumbered but she had the intent to kill them all off. She was scared to use her power so she avoided it. She then had killed off most of the mutants until more of them came.

She was in bad condition and was worried about the boss of all these creatures. Mystere still kept her cool and then decided to read the mutants. She could tell that these mutants where a lot stronger and wiser. So, the only thing that she could do was use her power.
" I call upon the elements! Lend me your strength to my katanas!" she yelled.
Mystere held up both of her katanas in the air and a huge gust of wind and lighting swirled around her blades.
"You guys are done," she said under her breath.
With that, she went full force killing off her enemies. Many were killed with the wind and lighting in one slash and for some it took a few slashes to kill off. As it got dark, she was able to kill the lot of them off.

Then there was a huge noise behind her. She turned to see that it was a huge mutant monster with terrible power. Mystere gathered all the strength she could muster headed straight for the enemy.[/color]
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Reese drew his umbrella into a battle stance and ran into a group of mutants. He swung swiftly and accurately killing with each blow. Within minutes he had killed at least a dozen. He then opened the umbrella and kept fighting. His new strange movements and unexpected aerial feats were too much to handle for the majority and he cut down twice as many in the same period of time. He didn't look over to the girl but he figured she was probably holding her own just as well. Reese put a new ability to his misdirection ice clone. Every few minutes one of the creatures would get off a hit. But by the time it actually made contact Reese was far gone.

The classic sculpture taking his place would lose a chunk or two before a needle imbued with electrical magic, struck into it. The sculpture then shattered with great force and killed just about all around it. Reese fought valiantly leaping threw the air every once in a while and using his umbrella to carry him airborne a few extra feet. he moved with inhuman speed using another one of his spells from the long cursed list he accumulated over the hears. Dashing about just faster than the human eye could see.

Though this spell was hard because of the extreme speed, so he could only go a meter or so. Alas that was all Reese needed to get the upper hand. He was near constantly vanishing and reappearing meters away. Throwing off his attackers entirely and dodging hits one after another. he then leapt into the air as high as he could, using his dash upwards for even more airtime. Upon seeing the girl he floated down to her and made a small dome of ice. Just before the dome formed over their heads he threw the umbrella up. When it got about 3 meters it clicked open again and the momentum of it opening caused it to spin.

It went up another foot or so and rained needles down all over the field. A few even pierced the dome of ice narrowly missing Reese and the girl by inches. After it stopped Reese shattered the dome from inside. A few ice shards hit the remaining mutants that were alive. The move was costly to the use of needles it needed but worth it for the area and damage it caused. "That takes care of the first wave." Reese said with a grin as he retrieved his umbrella, closing it and returning it to his back. The girl had a wide eyes look on her face as another couple dozen mutants appeared on the horizon of the field. Reese shouted to her "You need to deal with these ones, I have to meditate to regain energy and control." The girl nodded and got into a battle stance as the next fleet approached moaning and groaning as some sort of battle cry.
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[FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Just after the two figures finished fighting the mutants below, Lyon was surrounded by another group of them on the rooftop. The group was not as much as the two of them fought, but it will prove hard for him. He took out Lucifer and Prism from their respective scabbards and went into a defensive position. Both Lyon and the group of mutants waited for either one to react.

Then, half of the group went straight towards Lyon with lighting speed. The other half flew above him, trying to surround him in two directions. Lyon just sliced through the first half with Prism attacking and Lucifer defending. After that, he saw the other half flying closer to him now, so he jumped up and swing both Lucifer and Prism in the air; creating an offensive and defensive maneuver at the same time.

After at least fifteen minutes of bashing them up, the mutants disappear one by one. When he was about to turn his back on the disappeared mutants, another one came, bigger this time and much more scary looking. This mutant has both its limbs gone and a long scar can be seen from his chest right until its knee. [I]Another one?[/I], he thought. Lyon concentrated on his current situation, preparing for an attack.

It seems that the mutant summoned some more lower class mutants. The lower class mutants attacked him using the same strategy as before. [I]It?s no wonder why they are called low-classed mutants?[/I] he exclaimed. Lyon just did like what he did before. After the low-class mutants were gone, Lyon rushed towards the scary looking one and stabbed him using both of his blades. But that attack didn?t work; it just went through the mutant.

Lyon jumped three feet backwards after witnessing what the mutant did. He has to try a different approach; both Lucifer and Prism were kept in their scabbards. He showed his right hand to the remaining mutant with his eyes glaring at it. Then, a strange aura circled him, the winds were picking up as well. A grin can be seen on his face

[B]?Go forth, winds of Destruction!?[/B]

A strong gust of wind went towards the mutant. When the winds came contact to it, instantly, the mutant dispersed into several tiny parts and then disappeared. He went back towards the edge of the rooftop and stared at the sky.

[B]?It?s going to be a long day??[/B][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Lightning moved forward towards the mobs of enemies moving over the side of the field towards her. She withdrew her gun and fired in they're direction taking out the front few before they surrounded her. Lightning jumped up farther into the crowd as she flipped her weapon into sword move and cut through one of the mutants on her way down. She ducked and spun around with her sword hitting two of the mutants while dodging an attack.

She side kicked one of the mutants in the head while doing a side roll in the air kicking another in the chest as she landed. She swung her sword at three mutants infront of her cutting through each of them as if they where nothing and putting a sword slash in the ones behind them as a invisible blade flew forth. The sword glowed in a red aura as Lightning slashed another two mutants lighting them on fire where the blade slashed. As two mutants attacked her from behind she rolled forward between two other mutants and into a group of five more.

Lightning jumped up out of her roll as all the mutants slowed down greatly. She slashed down through one as she landed. Lightning stabbed through two more mutants behind her and tore through the side of the mutants to get her sword free and slashed it into the side of another. She felt power surge through her into her sword as it started glowing bright red. She turned the sword around to a backhanded position and spun. Flames spread out forth bathing the mutants around her as she ran and jumped off one of the mutants just as they started moving at a normal speed again.

As she flew through the air she spun her sword around in her hand back to the normal position and charged it with electricity as she fell downwards. She stabbed her sword through a mutant as she landed searing a hole through it with the pure force of the electricity, as the mutant and lightning fell to the ground she sword plunged into the ground and a shockwave was unleashed and the remaining mutants where hit with the electricity through the ground searing them and they all fell to the ground.

Lightning stood up as she heard a loud bark and looked forward and saw a enormous dog atleast 2 stories tall about 100 feet away. Lightning knew she couldn't handle this alone as she raised her sword towards the beast and noticed how weak she was from all the energy she had released in the previous fight and decided it might be good to wait for the man to get up to her position before she advanced upon this large mutant.
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[COLOR=Magenta]Mystere had hit the mutant head on in the stomach. But there was something different from it. The mutant just laughed and said,[I]"You can't beat me you human. My fat can defend against your attacks and nulifies them. You are just wasting you time."[/I]
Mystere jumped back. She had to think of what she was going to do next. She thought that even though she didn't us her powers, that her katanas should have at least made a dent or cut in the flesh. She knew that something was different and she liked a little challenge and what different mutants there are. Mystere knew she had only one choice, that was to gather together all of the elements and hit the giant mutant with her full power.

She raised one katana and mumbled,[SIZE=1]"Those gods who look upon me. Give me your strength to defeat the enemy which I see."[/SIZE]
There was a loud and sharp noise that sounded like birds. Then there was a huge light and on top of the katana was a giant ball of fire, water, earth, and wind circling a ball of thunder and light. Mystere grinned and ran full force to the giant beast. The beast just sat there and laughed thinking nothing unitl he burst into ashes.

Mystere had slahsed down the beast by using her speed and cutting straight through it. She was satisfied and then put her katanas back on her back and turned around. She bowed and said, "May you now rest in peace."

With that, she headed off to where she had heard some other beasts that were fighting humans.[/COLOR]
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