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RPG I'm new to RPS...

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Look I'm new to the RPS and I need help getting started with either joining or starting a RPS. If ny1 can show me how to do this I will be soo happy if u do. I av a really long intro on the characters, places, year, n other stuff that is/is not going to happpen imediatly that I am currently writing out on paper. If ny1 is interested just let me know n I will post it up when its done. I hope this as sparked some intrest in my RPS n I hope someone would consider helping me out. well av a nice posting day people! :p

P.S. please don't tell me to go to the sticky because I already checked it out and it made little since in how I'm suppose to do anything on this web site. Oh, I read the rules and I know not to post certain topics not related to the current forums or post unneeded topics. Like for example OoC and I know not to do that already. I wish to just start my own RPS up on ur web site because this site rocks!
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[COLOR=DarkGreen]Hey, [B]dragoonreaper[/B], and welcome to the boards!

I'm a little lost in what to tell you if you already have read the sticky. It contains all the information you need, really.

I'll try to be as specific as possible. Let's go through the process of RPG-creating step-by-step, shall we?
[INDENT]1. Create a sign-up thread to the [B]Adventure Inn[/B] for players to join your game. That thread needs three specific things:
- a rating to the title (refer to the sticky for more details)
- [I]at least[/I] three paragraphs of background story to act as a setting for the game
- some sort of "sign-up sheet" for the player-created characters that include all the information you want about them (check the other Inn-threads for examples)

2. Wait for members to reply to that thread with their characters, then accept those you want in.

3. Then create the actual game thread here to the [B]Adventure Square[/B], and start playing with the other players. Remember to add the rating here as well.

4. You can also (although you don't have to) create an additional thread to the [B]Arena Underground[/B] for out-of-character discussion and planning for the game. Rating applies here too.[/INDENT]

That's the very basic structure that you should follow, although deviations from it are acceptable if there's a reason for it (for example a RPG with just two predetermined players doesn't require a sign-up thread).

What's more important is [B]quality[/B], for [I]both[/I] grammar [I]and[/I] contents. We moderators are quite picky about this issue. For example, the language you use in this thread doesn't really meet the quality requirements here. Please don't use text speak or shortenings (like ny1), and pay attention to typos.

What I'd like to suggest is that you join games that are created by other members first, [I]before[/I] trying to create your own game, just to really get the hang of how things work here.

Hope this clears the process up for you. I'm going to have to close this thread now, since it's not a game thread and thus is in the wrong place, but I'll leave it visible for you (and any other newcomers) to read and learn from.


- [B]Sandy[/B][/COLOR]
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