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Writing Blades of Blood[M: V/L/possible sexual content]


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[COLOR=Blue]Here is another story I've written. It's a story that takes place in Japan, as well as other places around the world. I hope you all enjoy this latest story.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red][SIZE=7][CENTER][FONT=Felix titling]Blades of blood[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
[FONT=copperplate gothic bold][SIZE=3]A story of swords and strength[/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER]

[COLOR=DimGray][FONT=Georgia][CENTER]As the sword was unsheathed, blood dripped from the face of a man. His sweat mixing in with the crimson. Holding his sword like it was his last hold on life. Another man hindering him from becoming a champion. The man?s soul was like a cracker. Easily crushed and falling to the ground. Slowly he panted, trying to breath harder. Despite his condition, he is still willing to fight. A powerful restraint holding him back from using his true skills.

As his target got closer, in for the kill he looked around for an escape. But how could he get out? He was definitely too weak to jump out of the arena. The sun?s rays of light beating down on him like a ton of bricks. He couldn?t go on. So he dropped his blade. Sheath and all. The other man, his killer, put his own sword up to the champ?s head. Cutting him slightly, making sure not to kill his victim.

But he was scared out of his wits. Surely I will die, he thought panting even louder. Soon he fainted from shock.


?The Tournament of the Wielded Katana? was a sure fire way to fame. Warriors from all corners of the world came to Tokyo for a shot at the prize. A million dollars and a mansion somewhere in Japan. Most just wanted the stuff, but some wanted to make a name for themselves.

The recent tournament winner was utterly embarrassed by a new comer. Statistics showed that the new champ had no experience with fighting. It was just a natural thing for him.

His name, Touguno Yamakura. Only 15 and he became the champion without a bead of sweat falling from his head. He wasn?t the youngest to win. That winner was 10 years old, but unlike Touguno, he trained till he was numb. But anyways, Touguno wanted the money to help his parents. They needed surgery at the local hospital, but were in dept.

After they were saved, he became vary famous. Not even being able to move one inch without some raging fan to come to him. He absolutely hated this. But he is ready for the next tournament. If he can keep winning he could become very famous, and he could become a target.


18 year old Makizawa Kashino walked the streets of Brooklyn. The year was 2076, much more advanced than it is now. He moved there just a month ago, but he has a knack for the English language. The sun was hidden from the city by the dark clouds looming overhead. Causing the streets to get darker, the sidewalks to get dimmer. So dark in fact that you could just fall asleep on the streets. The sound of the distant rain was like the lullaby of a mother.

Makizawa was about to enter his home when he noticed an antique shop. Maybe he could find something from his homeland, Japan, in there. He entered joyfully. To his surprise he saw his mother tending the shop. Like her son, she was able to speak English very well. Her mother was half American, so that also helped.

?Mm, is this the place you bought?? Makizawa asked his mother. She smiled. ?Of coarse. Did you think I?d waste my money working at a Chinese restaurant? I think not. Besides, I?m more interested in this land?s culture and past. Ours is getting boring.? His mother wiping the floor, sat down on an old bench.

?that?s pretty cool of you mom.? Makizawa said. But he was being surfcasting. He didn?t like old stuff that much. Never came to his place of mind before. ?I made some friends on my first day of school. One of them has studied Japan for a while. He has a set of old swords at his house.?

His mother?s popped like she just remembered something. ?I got a sword from an old man that came in earlier. I found out that he used to own this place, when it was a hobby shop. I guess he wanted to give me some swords he found. He was in a couple of wars. Go have a look, I know that you like weaponry. Just don?t get to carried away, this day in age, guns are really dangerous.? His mother pointed to the back room.

Makizawa shook his head in reply, swiftly he ran to the back room.

Makizawa saw a bunch of boxes on the floor. Looking around, he saw them. Two blades well in condition, pretty impressive weapons at that. Picking them up, he blew dust off of them. They weren?t Japanese either. Much of a relief, Japan, Japan all day today at school. He noticed the name on them. George Henderson. The name of the last owner of the shop.

The sword?s silver blade shown in the light. As lighting struck, the light flashed against it, blinding Makizawa with a harsh light. But it really induced the sword?s beauty. Interested, he took them up to his room with respect for the old material.[/CENTER][/FONT][/COLOR]
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