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Sign Up MAR Heaven: The War Games Commence [MLV]


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MAR Heaven, a world where your dreams come true. Where reality is what you make it. A place with no worries or...

Wait, wait, wait. A place with no worries? Heck no! Finally the War Games commence to decide the fate of MAR Heaven once again.

You have been chosed to decide the fate of MAR. You are either on Team Chess Pieces or Team MAR. There are only allowed 6 players on a team. There is only 1 leader per team. Now it's time to fight!!!

[U][COLOR=Navy]Here are the rules Mgaots:[/U]

1. No powerplaying my character (I am the judge) unless you win a fight. I decide the arena and how many are going against each other.

2. You are only allowed up to 5 ARM.

3. No sudden death ARM.

4. All the rules are set.[/COLOR]

[U][COLOR=DarkRed]Notes if you don't understand something:[/U]

1. If you want to be a team leader, PM me with your sign up. I will decide whether if you're worthy or not.

2.ARM are like weapons under the catagories of dimension, fighting, guardian, special, etc.

3. There are casualties in these games so if you happen to die, make a new character and PM me the sign up.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Sign it up:

Name: nothing crazy
Gender: obiviously
Personality: simple
Appearance: pic or descrip or both
ARM: what type, pic or descrip
Rank: Chess Pieces only (like to see rooks-can be stronger than knights)
Snippet: why did you join your team and why did you enter the War Games. 3 paragraphs min.[/COLOR]



*this will be updated when the players, that I chose, are set to get this rp going*
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