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Over the years I've seen many an anime and some pretty crazy attacks from the characters in these animes. From Yusuke's Spirit Shotgun to Sage Date's Thunderbolt cut, the attacks just keep getting stronger and weirder in some cases.

My top 5 best attacks would have to be:

1. [B]Dragonfire Crossbow[/B]- from Burning Greymon in the forth Digimon series.

2.[B]Big Bang Attack[/B]- Vegeta's classic destroy-the-world move. It would really put a damper on your spirits if you were hit by this massive attack.

3.[B]Neji's 64 Palm Technique[/B]- Just one thing......[B]64 PALM!!!! [/B] And now you're dead, score one for Neji.

4.[B]Kakashi's Lightning Blade[/B]- Ohhh...impalement, not a way a go, is it?

5.[B]Shinomori Aoshi's Kaiten Kenbu[/B]- just when you thought you were only cut once suddenly two more wounds appear on you and yuo never saw it coming. [B]OUCH[/B]!
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Roronoa Zoro's Asura (One Piece)- [Spoiler]Three heads, six arms, nine swords, BAM! Onigiri x3. enemy Pwned.[/Spoiler]

Monkey D. Luffy's Gear Second (One Piece)- [Spoiler]He glows red, emits steam, moves faster than Chuck Norris on Amp, and bang. You're dead. Or incapacitated, in the spirit of the series.[/Spoiler]

Hercule's Present for You (Dragon Ball Z: Budokai)- Exploding Gameboy. What a dirty trick... But funny!

Himura Kenshin's Battojutsu Heaven Slice (or something like that) (Rurouni Kenshin)- [Spoiler]This almost killed his master with one slice, AND he was using Sakabatou.[/Spoiler]

And the Best for Last:
"Black Leg" Sanji's Diable Jambe (One Piece)- [Spoiler]The man sets his enemy on fire. Red hot flipping fire. With his leg. A chef that can cook his enemy with his leg is a true (anti)hero.[/Spoiler]
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Unlimited Blade Works!!!

Mikuru Beam!!!

Buster Beam Slice!!!

Sekiha Tenkyoken!!!

[B][I][SIZE="3"]GOLDION CRUSHER!!!!!!!!!!!![/SIZE][/I][/B]

And when Camille from Zeta Gundam impaled his Zeta Gundam's nose into [Spoiler]Scirocco[/Spoiler]

Looked very painfull with him screaming his head off having a Gundam impaled ;)
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[color=#007520]Favourites threads are generally not allowed in Anime Lounge because they tend to create spammy list posts. We allow them when they have pretty good replies to boost the quality, but since the posts in this thread are little more than lists, one in particular bordering on copyright infringement, I'm going to have to close it.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me with your concerns.

[b]Thread closed.[/b]

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