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Sign Up FFX RP Sign-Up [M-LV]


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Hey guys, it?s been a long time since I?ve been on the site, so I figured I?d try my hand at another RP. In case you couldn?t tell from the title, the RP is based on FFX ? that?s not to say that it?s a fanfic in anyway. This RP is going to take place roughly 100 years before High Summoner Braska ?defeated? Sin, so most (if not all) characters in this game are going to be entirely made up. As far as a storyline goes, I figured we could make it up after we have all the sign-ups done, but I would really prefer it if we could at least get one person to be the summoner on his/her pilgrimage. As far as a storyling goes, I'm waiting to see on what kind of people sign up - for instance, if I made the storyline about a summoner and no one signed up as a summoner, then we'd be kinda skrewed... so yeah, I have about three or four in mind, and then I'm going to update it as soon as I see the kinda sign-ups we're getting. I?m planning on letting about four others in, but I?d love to see lots of sign-ups? so in case you were wondering, I meant get off your lazy bottoms and starting signing up! ?yeah, I?m talking to you? Sign-ups go as follow:

[b]Name:[/b] ?Self-explanatory

[b]Age:[/b] ? even more self-explanatory than ?Name?

[b]Gender:[/b] ? You?re getting the hang of this now, aren?t you? :)

[b]Race:[/b] Human, Guado, Ronso and Al Bhed are pretty much our choices here, but if I?m forgetting a race then feel free to post it.

[b]Personality:[/b] Not looking for a story, just want a basic description of your character?s personality.

[b]Class:[/b] Very basic here folks, just wanna know if you?re a warrior based character or a magic user (and if you pick mage, I?d kinda like to know what type of mage you are).

[b]Profession:[/b] Again, very basic. You can make it anything you want, but the most appreciated ones would be Summoner, Guardian or Crusader.

[b]Hometown:[/b] Can be worked into Bio, but I?d like to know where your character is from.

[b]Weapon:[/b] I?m not going to limit you to one weapon, just want to know what your character is best at (if you pick like sword, then I?m not going to be a prick and never allow your character to pick up an axe in his life).

[b]Bio:[/b] Just a quick snippet is needed, maybe 100-200 words. Just give me a bit of background info on your character ? please please please try to work in your character?s personality in this section.

[b]Other:[/b] Any other things you think we should know about your character.


[b]Name[/b]: Jaydin

[b]Age:[/b] 18

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Race:[/b] Human

[b]Personality:[/b] Jaydin is an incredibly loyal person, but only when he finds someone who is able to win his loyalty over. He is generally untrusting, except for those few who are close to him. Deep down, he has a good heart, but he tries to hide it at times.

[b]Class:[/b] Warrior-oriented ? he doesn?t have any skill in the use of either white or black magic.

[b]Profession:[/b] Guardian

[b]Hometown:[/b] Southern end of the Calm Lands

[b]Weapon:[/b]A very simple [u][URL=http://www.cbswords.com/images/uc0062s.jpg]katana[/URL][/u] - Jaydin doesn?t like anything that looks too fancy.

[b]Bio:[/b] Before his untimely death, Jaydin?s father taught him that there were only two things that mattered in the world ? the sword in your hand, and the next step your foot took. After his parent?s died when Jaydin was eight, he spent time learning how to properly use the sword his father had left for him. By the age of twelve, he followed his father?s advice and set out travel across Spira. However upon making to Bevelle, he decided to join the Crusaders so that his life would once again have purpose. His plans once again changed when he killed a man of high status in a bar fight, and was forced to flee the city. He spent the next six years of his life traveling the world, and is currently in Lucca
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[color=DarkGreen]Hey, [B]Adas[/B]!

I'm sorry, but we require more background story from the RPs here than what you have written. Three paragraphs of text is a minimum. I can assure you, if you don't have a decent plot figured out already, nobody will most likely be interested in your game.

So give it a little more effort, and then repost the game here, okay?


- Sandy

*thread closed*[/color]
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