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RPG Soldier Unit Gundam Neo


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This will be the beginning, pilots. Good luck...
Mac: What's taking him so long?
Gren: Its hell if I know.
Mac: For an Admiral he isn't very punctual.
Gren: I bet you wouldn't say it to his face.
Mac: Heh, don't put too much money on that...
Garret: Hey, Admiral on deck!
Mac: 'Bout damn time.
*Mac, Gren and Garret all exit the mess hall and enter the main hangar of the Soldier Unit Carrier, [i]Dragon[/i]*
Admiral Takeda: Men, this is most of you all's first assignment. You look, eager. You should be...you've been out here for, what is it...8 months now? This will be one of the few battles you will have, and believe me...there will be many, but this will be one of the few you will have that will forever stick out above th rest. Not only is this your first assignment as full G.I.F. pilots, but it is also a keystone-mission, in the recapturing of Lenox-8, which we all know is one of the most strategic asteroids in the solar system. So...for us, and for you, make this mission...a succesful one.
Crowd: Sir, yes, sir!
Admiral Takeda: Thank you, dismissed.
Cptn. Quarra: Everyone, get to your units, pronto!
Mac: So...what about him?
Gren: The admiral?
Mac: Yeah.
Gren: He's alright. Pretty generic pep-talk, though.
Mac: Yeah, I've heard it all before.
Gren: It looks like you got assigned to a gundam.
Mac: Yep, Celestial Gundam. Its the best on the carrier, or so I'm told.
Gren: And to the best pilot it goes.
Mac: Thanks...what'd they stick you with?
Gren: Some P.O.S. standard unit with juiced up accelerators.
Mac: Ah well...I got your back.
Gren: I'll be needing that, more than likely.
Mac: Ok...see you around.
Gren: Bye.
[i]Both pilots head to differnt areas of the hangar to get to their soldier units.[/i]

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[color=indigo][i]After the Briefing Xander heads toward his Gundam. He is a troubled young Lieutenant whose inner demons are starting to get the better of him. He is glad a mission has finally arrived, maybe now death and he will be able to have a chat. Lost in his own thought he doesn't realize that Monica, a young mechanic, comes running after him.[/i]

Monica-Hey Xander

Xander-Oh, hi...

Monica-So I heard you got the Sniper Gundam. I'm glad, that means you won't have to worry about close range attacks as much. Maybe you won't even get close to the enemy.

[i]Actually Xander is upset about getting the Sniper Gundam, he was hoping for a more confrontational weapon[/i]

Xander-Yeah, that would be nice [i] hurries to get rid of Monica[/i] I'll see you soon...

Monica-Be Careful Xander....[/color]
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Admiral: Alright, pilots. Leading this operation will be Lt. Mac Castilonge. Follow his orders and I hope you will al survive. Good luck.
Mac: Thanks, Admiral. Now, pilots, listen. We are going to split our forces a little so pay close attention. I want Sniper Gundam and its company of regular soldier units to attack from the right. Push them back and to the left. My gundam and my company will attack at the full center and take them straight back. Any volunteers for taking the right to left position?
Xander: My company is a group of long range units, sir.
Mac: I know. You are going to shoot them from a distance and then keep pushing them with as much fire power as you can muster.
Xander: Understood.
Mac: Now, any takers for the remaining slot?

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