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RPG Pokemon-Shadows of the region[M-L]


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Skye walked through the woods on her quest to gather a group to defeat team incarnate. While she knew it was dangerous to be walking alone after dark but she had to get to the next town. She wasnt far now and as she walked she heard footsteps not far behind her. She faced the direction of the footsteps and someone ran into her.

"Hey!Watch where your...going" she said looking into their face.

"Well well well. Looks like I found you Skye!" a voice said snickering.

"Damn... Flare!" Skye said towards the oncoming team incarnate member.

"Well looks like you remember me" Flare said,her midnight black hair flowing through the wind.

"Well duh i remember you! You took silvershock away!Then you went and tried to beat me up! Well not this time! Jungle use earthquake!" Skye said throwing a pokeball into the air. A marshstomp appeared using earthquake.

"Go Star!" Flare said as a starmie appeared beside her.

"Hey dude!Are you a pokemon trainer?" Skye asked the guy who had run into her.

"Yeah. Names hiro masa." Hiro said introducing himself.

"Yeah yeah whatever. You might want to help considering flare's the top merc of team incarnate and not only that but she was also one the elite four at one point in time" Skye said.

OOC:Sorry for powerplaying but skye had to find one of them in the forest.
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Hiro sighed and looked at Flare. He shook his head in disappointment as he grabbed two Pokeballs from his hip and threw them. As they hit the ground a Tyranitar and Quilava. Then he reajusted his glasses and the vest that had a faded red 'R' on the back.

"Team Incarnate?" he said with a scoff. "What a rip off... Organizations like you just live off of the Original's glory... Knight use bite and Cinder you use Fire Wheel! Show that Incarnte twerp who was the best!"

Both Knight and Cinder attacked in sync like they did so many times before. After the attacks they retreated back to Hiro.
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As Skayne travels through the forest with his Squirtle on , he hears the sounds of battle going on, not far from where he was standing. "I hear a battle going on, maybe I should go check it out, what about you Squirtle?" He says to Squirtle. As Squirtle nod his head, a sign of saying yes, Skayne then said, "All right then." As Skayne runs to the place where the battle took place, he sees two trainers fighting against a member of Team Incarnate. "I see that the girl with black hair is a member of that Team Incarnate organization. If so, then do you need help." He said as Squirtle jumps off his shoulder, getting into his battle position.
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[COLOR=Purple]Towa was wondering the forest trying to see if there was anything interesting to find or more Pokemon to catch. Her Pichu was on her shoulder as she walked through the forest singing. Suddenly, she heard the sounds of a battle. She walked through some bushes and saw two trainers both with Pokemon out and a member of Team Incarnate.

"It seems that this could be intersting," she said as she watched the battle rage on.[/COLOR]
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