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Music Station mania!

miss april

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miss april here.

I might have to discuss about this show from tv asahi. I am recently watching this live on Animax Asia, but it is two months late from the original showtime in Japan. It shows every Friday (same in Japan), and replays on weekends.

I had started to watch this on last February this year, the 20th Aniversary of Music Station Super Live (2006), then by popular demand, Animax had showed Music Station Live on March.

I am really watching this show eversince. I had also listed the artist and songs they had sung live. The only thing missing in my Freewebs site is the 16th and 41st performers on 2006 Music Station Super Live. :animeangr

I remember Utada Hikaru while I watched her Flavor of Life - Ballad Version live. :animecry: It is a nice song, and I downloaded it immedietely after watching it, together with Arashi's Love so Sweet. My bro also liked Hikki's latest song.

Sorry, I might posted this long but I am still happy to accept replies from you!

Arigatou gozaimasu! :animeswea
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