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Request Medabots Set


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[size=1]HAHA, okay, I'm going to be a major loser here, so bear with me. Since no one responded to my other request, I decided to scratch that and go to this.

Recently I've been on a little Medabots come-back kick.
So, I'm going to ask for someone to [I]please[/I] make this for me, it would be fabulous.
I've provided some links to pictures you could use, I really just want Ikki (the boy) and Metabee (the robot) in the banner, and whatever for the avatar. Somewhere, I was thinking I'd like "More Medabots. More Power." somewhat faded in the backgroud, so it's not the center of attention.
Otherwise, it's whatever you think is best. I'm not very picky.

So, thanks in advance! :)


Note: These don't have to be the pictures you use. So if you find better ones, go for it. ;)[/size]
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[COLOR=#656446]Sorry for the delay, chief.



It's been a while since I made a set so it looks kind of rough. :animeswea
If there's anything you want me to change here, just give me a PM and I'll see what I can do.[/COLOR]
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