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Request Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles Set


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Well, I'm requesting for a Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles set. Color scheme and dimesions are up to you. In the avatar, please focus on Syaoran and place the text 'dragonoid' somewhere in it. Then in the banner, both Sakura and Syaoran are focused. The text 'Love breaks boundaries' is placed somewhere in it.

Here are some pictures to work on:
[URL= http://www.galeon.com/daniellahimura/saysha1.jpg]Picture 1[/URL]
[URL=http://tsubasachronicle.blogspirit.com/images/medium_s_ys_de_la_manito_.jpg]Picture 2[/URL]
[URL=http://mangaamoi.mon-blog.org/images/41343/m-tsubasa_reservoir_chronicle.jpg]Picture 3[/URL]

Unless you have a different picture (from Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles) that you think is better on the set, go ahead. Credits go to the one who makes it. Thanks.
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[size=1]Hey dragonoid. I'ma a newbie at PS but I gave it a shot. It can out messy, sorry about that. ^_^;

[B]Banner: [/B]

[B]Avatar: [/B]

yeah, it's upside down, I hope you don't mind.
it looked a bit plain right side up. Hehe...

need anything else? yes? no?

*scurries away*

oh wait, opps.
i didn't put a border on the avatar.
just ask, if you want one.
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No I don't use tutorials. You just have to experiment around A LOT. You'll always have the really bad pieces but you learn from it and you gradually just get it. It's hard to explain on my part. ^^' If you need anything else, just PM me. We should stop spamming this thread ;)
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