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Writing Drawing Dead [M-VL]


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[COLOR=DarkRed]This story is based on an RPG I never got off the ground. Enjoy! [/COLOR]


What are ?Dead Children??[/COLOR][/font]

[FONT=Georgia]At the age of 8-13, children are given to science at their parent?s permission. These children aren?t really dead, but have died at one point. During their comas, each of them was put to death by chemicals, and then they rose again. After they were brought back to life, they were known as ?Dead Children.?

These kids are high in numbers. About 2000 exist. Each one has a power that derived from mysterious magic. Ranging from elemental to physical.

At the age of 20 each child must be told about this, for the memories of before died with them. Demons known as Daimos are on earth to kill every organism, for they?re jealous creatures. The children know ranging in their twenties must fight them, and save the known earth.

[B]Dead Child 1: The Desert Crusade[/B]

Walking in the desert, smoker, a Dead Child with the power of fire, was searching for his desert base. He was just looking around when he saw 3 dead children who were killed by Daimos. Is arm was bitten by a snake, but he was already dead, so he was alright.
He sat down at an oasis, testing out his powers some more. He could also make fumes of ay kind found on earth. From smoke to mustard gas, the possibilities were finite only to his thoughts.

?Damn, the same as the last mission, 3 Dead Children, dead again.? Smoker sighed and laid down, the wind blowing sand at him. He had used fire to make glass, but it was frail, so hit was shattered easily. Smoker was 23 and he had left his home soon after he found out who he was. His friends Shadow and Snowy were exactly like him. Shadow could teleport or control others by using the darkness, and Snowy was Smoker?s opposite. She could control water and ice.

Smoker got up after about 30 minutes, he was tired, yet he needed to get to the base quickly. The others; mostly likely worried, had to leave soon, and he couldn?t get left behind. As he walked though the desert he caught a glimpse of the base beyond the horizon. ?Hell yeah!? He cursed. He ran towards the base, when the door opened. Out came Shadow. Smoker didn?t have time to stop. *SLAM*

?Ouch, jackass!? shadow yelled rubbing his head. ?Well at least you?re here. We have to get back to the professor, so get your ass ready, OK?? Shadow went back into the base. Smoker sighed. ?Yup, whatever??

[B]Chapter 2: Fly to the Top![/B]

Smoker had his stuff ready, the base was soon to fly out of the air and head towards Tokyo, Japan. He turned around, when suddenly, Snowy came in. ?Hey Snowy!? Smoker yelled. Snowy smiled. ?So more of them are dead?? Snowy bowed her head. ?Don?t worry Snowy. They weren?t living wastes of space! Most of them are probably still the way they were bout 10 years ago.? Smoker walked out of his room. ?Are you breathing your own stuff in or something?? She asked. Smoker shrugged. ?I don?t know, maybe you did??

As Smoker walked into the main room, he saw the computer screens flashing green. ?Launching already Shadow?? H asked dropping his luggage. Shadow turned around in his char. ?Yup, kale said he had something important to say to us. So we?re heading out early.? Shadow turned back around, he looked at his keyboard and pressed button after button. He had entered the coordinates to the HQ where every one of them were.

The three were part of a secret organization under government authorization. There were 30 members in all, Smoker being number 28. He wasn?t as strong as Shadow, but he was made before shadow. Smoker was EX - 713, 1 after the professor?s 712 experiment, David. David lives with the professor as a replacement for his old assistant who mysteriously died.

The base flew into the sky, the desert sand blowing onto the windows. Smoker turned to Snowy, he have her a smile. ?So did you put in some training while I was gone?? Snowy nodded. ?Somewhat, but not for too long. Why do you ask??

Smoker nodded. ?Oh, I want t have a little fight with you, after all, the trip is going to take at least 3 hours, and there?s nothing to do except go onto the internet.? Snowy walked over to Smoker, she looked at him. ?Well, okay. I?m going to be just as bored as well.?

They both went out of the control room, leaving Shadow alone to do his work.

The two headed for a room made of a certain material that was perfect against the elements. Smoker often tested out his powers inside this very room. He could use anything no matter what to test his powers. His powers could get out of control though, often his fumes would make him high or sick even. He had very diverse powers, which was a curse and for those nights of partying; a blessing.

When they entered the room hey both got in different corners. Being bored was common in this place, so they both trained often. Snowy was as strong as Smoker, and as useful. She wasn?t the silent type either, unlike Shadow. They had always enjoyed fighting each other. They wouldn?t care who lost. But this time it would be different.[/COLOR][/CENTER][/FONT]
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