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Writing My poetry/lyric dump: The Black Book [PG]


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[COLOR=HotPink][B]Well this is a dump made by me. It's the first dump after [url= http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=53928] Chronicles of a Pyro's Mind [/url] which I'm sure you know, sucked kind of badly.Well this one may not suck so bad. It's called the Black book and alot of it is just thoughts and tidbits. So enjoy, and here is my first poem, which is un-named.[/B][/COLOR]

[SIZE=1]My life has seen many things go by....and yet, the sky is filled with undying answers to the questions I long for. I have so many unanswered though, as my life goes by and to the things I have seen, my eyes shall close.

Depression hurts, I know.
We need to learn this is not a dream
This world we know, is slipping
I shall not fall to my own defeat

And when our pills don't work
And when our friends decide to turn
And when I'm all alone
This time, I'm all alone

Were we not good enough for you?
Are we lost causes to this world?
Our siblings have died
Our family has cried
This drought goes on
And we're burning down the only home we have
Dry shouts the sky
No rain tonight
No hope tonight
Dark fades my light
Night grows near
and my afterthought begins

All those times, we cried, and I saw defeat in the eyes of her innocent smile, when my only family died, I was heartbroken, they said I wasn't smart enough, not good enough, she broke my heart, this is an afterthought of the sky

And if we're indeed pieces of this puzzle, and if the puzzle is the sky, then that means that every blue piece is a single tear we cried

But then the sky goes black, night has fallen, and I have risen, I will not live another day as a puzzle piece, I will stray away from this blue and the whites and become red, and soon they will follow, and the sky will be red, but then I will change back to blue, and they will follow, and I repeat, until I am not mirrored [/SIZE]

[COLOR=HotPink][B]Ah, that was...not too great. ^_^ I shall return later with more tidbits and such. Peace Out

Edit:!!! New lyrics to a song called "777"....just got out of a relationship...well...had to write something about it:[/B][/COLOR]

[SIZE=1]Tonight, through the first star in the sky
I wished to God that we could make it work
And then, when the sky was full of stars
You called to break my heart
And that's when my backfire hit me in the face
I can't change free will
I can't change reality
And the reality is, that I'm the problem
You're a person who is higher than me
as I am a slave and a servant
as I was to all my other lovers
They were better than me
and I was too kind to notice
but now I'm fine, I don't care anymore
You're only the 777th girl I've loved
that broke my heart.
I'm used to it, so I won't shed a tear
I'll question your reasons
but I already know the answer
So tonight, I'll build a wall
between me and every attractive person I come in contact with
And I'll become the boy..
I'll become the man that you don't remember
that you loved less than he loved you
You listend to the sacreligious lies of a child
the man though was a friend
No, You're Not So Innocent.
No, You're Not So Innocent.
No, You Won't Be Innocent.
So Take That Look Off Of Your-
Face me. Shutup and just face me
tell me my own reality, tell me the truth
and I'll tell you how I felt long ago
and I'll make you remember the times
you told me your secrets
Only I could listen like that.
And if you make me love you again
I won't be the same
Your heart will be broken
because my heart was broken
as you come to find
That There Is No "Friends"
After A Murder Of A Boy
A Murder That Made Me A Man
This Is The Story Of 777 Murders Of Children[/SIZE]
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