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Stuff I've been working on.


The third one's been worrying me, I've reserved it for a friend (her name's not on there yet) I may have went overboard with the brushes. I made the last two today. I decided to go with 300x100 cause the 500 is just too linear.
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For the first one, I think that there is a little too much bg space and maybe make the text stand out just a little more but not too much to distract it from the stock.

For the second one, It's pretty good but I think you could do a little better with the text. Other than that, its fine. :]

As for the third one, Try to make the face pop out more so it's not lost in the brushing. And one more thing. In my opinion, try not to have the stock in the straight center of the sig. I find it to not be as stylish. *shrug*

You seem to be in the right track. Keep up the good work. :]
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My best one so far. Script fu in the GIMP helped me alot A far as text and drop shadows went. Also took advantage of feathering. When I fix the cheshire cat one I'll re upload it on this post as an edit.
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