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RPG Masked Agenda


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[COLOR=Green][SIZE=1][CENTER]Thanks, Ozy, for the banner.

Every country has its celebration of independence; of the day they won a battle; of the suppression of an uprising.

It is usually celebrated by parades and speeches; picnics; dances, and general good-natured gatherings.

Cenive was no different from any nation or region ? Cenive, too, had it?s celebration of conquest. But they didn?t say what their celebration was for; the Judiciary merely announced ? shortly before the fifth anniversary of their coup ? that there was to be a city wide festival.

A festival based on treachery, murder and the blood of the rightful rulers.

And everyone was to wear the costumes.

It was to be a masque.


Ilyse lifted her mask carefully from the metal frame where it sat beside her dressing table. Silently she studied it, calloused fingers tracing the gentle curves of the lips and eyebrows, eyes taking in the colors of the paint that covered the porcelain.

With a half smile, she set the mask to the side, and leaned towards the mirror. Her face was painted in a perfect replica of the porcelain before her ? when she placed the mask over her face it would be as if she had a mask behind another.

But she was not ready just yet, first her attire needed fixed. Ilyse slid out of her linen shift, then pulled open the deep red wooded wardrobe, reaching inside for the dark, pitch black garb that was her public ?uniform? as she called it.

She robed herself silently, and shod her feet in well worn leather boots with supple soles; She pulled on her gloves, then gently lifted her mask to her face and fitted it on; finally, she lifted her hat with the toile and flowers up and settled it upon her head.

Ilyse was unrecognizable as her private self as she studied herself in the mirror, eyes blinking out from behind her mask as the only thing that was her own. She sighed and ran her hand over the mirror before stepping back away from and turning her back on it.

The time to be Judiciary had come once more.

Time to act like the bane of Cenive.


OOC: Okay, you have every right to cane me for my abominable work at getting this up. But I do hope that everyone is still at least a bit interested in it.

Here is what we?re looking for, for first posts. Have your character going to the festival. Whether you want to be there already, or write them getting ready and heading out, or even getting ready, heading out and getting there is fine by me. Feel free to interact with other characters, as long as you make sure the other author?s character is in, well, character. And that the author doesn?t mind.

This RPG will be using the chapter system, and everyone will most likely get two posts per chapter.

There will be the beginning of plot in the end of this chapter. [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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