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Writing Chronicles of the Dark Blade


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[COLOR=Orange]Welcome one and all to the remake of "lake of Blood." The first story I posted on the boards was scripted. But this one is different. Enjoy![/COLOR]

[SIZE=4][FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkOrange][B][CENTER]Chronicles of the Dark Blade[/CENTER][/B][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]

[COLOR=DarkRed][B][CENTER]Chapter 1// Alternate[/CENTER][/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]Rain was pouring down, a cold feeling hidden within the mist. Concealed within the shadows lay a single human; waiting for the night to end. An insecure feeling surrounded him. Wrath?s grip holding on, blood dripping from the man?s mortal fangs. He was trying to crawl into a cave, he was dying. Slowly the feeling to sleep overcame him. His mind slipped away from existence. With one last breath he shot a curse out into the cold, dead night. But alas, no one could hear it. Next to his dead body was a sword, perched on the wall of the cave in which he died. The next one to see the sword would have better luck than the man before him.


The bell rang out. The doors opened. People flooded out like a herd of cattle to a hay field. After all was done one person walked out more than an hour later. It was the day before vacation had started and Tyler, a young man from the slums, got out of detention. As he walked out he scratched his head and let out a yawn. He held his books at his side.

Tyler wasn?t a poor kid actually. It?s just the neighborhood he grew up in. His house was the biggest, and the most beautiful. Despite it being in the ghetto of Los Angeles? southern sector.

Tyler had black hair which was like a crow. His face was rough but looked calming. He walked with an attitude in his step; a flare in his eyes gave way to heroic ambitions. Despite this seemingly great looks and attitude, he was a trouble maker. E had few friends, but they stuck by is side through thick and thin.

Tyler had to get home quickly, his TV shows were on but one thing about Tyler was different from most teenagers. His parents were both dead, killed when he was just 5. His father was a famous scientist, very respected in his field. That was given to Tyler during his time in the womb. He felt alone for a while but got used to the fact that he didn?t have parents. But he had a family? somewhere. His two friends Lucien, and Cleo respected him very much. They practically lived with him, even though they had parents.

As Tyler ran through the park he saw someone who looked quite rich. But Tyler didn?t have time to stop and move he ran into the man. Their books went flying into the air landing on the different sides. Tyler got up.

?I?m so sorry sir, forgive me, I?m in a hurry.? Tyler gave the man a book

?That?s okay, I should have paid attention.? the man smiled back, bowed, and then gave Tyler a book.

A few minutes later Tyler was backing home. He went inside the house. It was very plain inside. The walls were cream white, nothing special. But the living room was lively. The sofa was red and blue. Curtains hung over the window most beautifully. Tyler sat down and opened the book. Expecting to see math or geometry, he saw a mysterious language that he had never seen. As he read on a light flashed, and he was gone.

The next moment was a blur to Tyler. A weird distorted realm brought him into a strange new world. The colors that engulfed him were bright and a screeching sound could be heard coming from the end. Tyler woke up that next moment to see a white sky and blue clouds. Next to him lay the book that he was reading earlier. He looked at the words to see that they translated to English almost like magic.

*His voice was week, and his ears popped. ?What? the heck happened to the book?? he asked the air. He sat up. He put his arms on the ground to feel around. A few of his senses were shot, he couldn?t hear or feel. Soon after they came back. Tyler felt well again. He stood up, staggering he walked forward.

He looked around to see a cave, blood had dried up inside it, hew went to check it out. He looked inside to see a dead man; next to the man was a sword that shone in the light. He picked it up and held it towards the sun. It was pure black, and a red energy was flowing form the middle of it. It was about a yard and a half long. The handle was shadow colored, cloth was wrapped around it. Tyler saw the language from before, on the blade. Then in front of his eyes, the words turned into pure old English.

?What the hell is up with this?!? Tyler hollered. He walked out of the cave and sat down on the ground. He looked up at the strange sky before him.

?Where am I anyways?? Tyler shook his head and looked around again. The rest of the place was normal. But that wasn?t much relief for him. ?So I guess the books were switched when I accidentally ran into that guy.? Tyler cracked his neck and drew a large breath.

About 10 minutes of sitting around went bye and no sign of anybody. Suddenly a voice rang from behind him. ?Hello, who are you??

Tyler jumped up and turned. He jerked forward almost falling down, ?who are you?? Tyler looked at the person he was talking to. It was a small man with a white wing on his back. He was holding a wand behind his back.

?Why my name is Huru, I?m the sage of a nearby village. ?

?Well, I?m Tyler, nice to meet you. Hey Huru, do you know where I am??

Huru laughed, ?You don?t know do you? Well this here is Gaia, a land forgotten in the shifts of time. You must be a human from earth, are you not??

Tyler nodded. ?Yeah I am.?

**Huru nodded. ?You?re in a different dimension child; it?s much like earth though. Except the sky and the people are different. Not to mention the technology isn?t as updated as your time.?

?Wait, you know about earth??

?Yes I do you see we use magic to see the world you live in. We copy some of the technology used to advance ours, but end up at a stand-still. The planet is an exact copy of earth. The landmasses all look like the ones found on earth. Plus the waters are as well.?

Tyler put his head down, and then he walked towards Huru. ?Can you take me to your village to ask a few questions? With your permission of course.?

Huru nodded. ?You may. We usually don?t let outsiders in, but you aren?t of this world, so as a guest of honor you shall enter.?

Tyler smiled. ?Thank you Huru, I appreciate it.?[/COLOR]

[CENTER][Mistakes faixed][/CENTER][/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Each star (*) means that I fixed a mistake. If a star has more than one that's how many after the first mistake I found. So if you see "***" it means that's the third mistake I found.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]*Fused 2 sentences together.
** Took out the word 'No'.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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