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Sign Up Ninja Tour thru 3 Shinobi nations!

Guest lazyweird1

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Guest lazyweird1
Must be at least 5 ninja for us to suvive (perferably Jonin/Chunin)
Bring own supplies (food, water, blanket, weapons, ect.)
Be capable of battle or long journeys.
Not abandon group (or hunt down/leave behind)
Ninjas must know AT LEAST 5 types of jutsu!

Now that the serious stuff is out of the way. I want to welcome you to the 3 Village Walking Tour! If you are too lazy or tired to walk, summoning animals are permitted!
We will be touring Konoha, Suna, and Kiri! Ending with Konoha again to rest.

Touring lets you explore the many wonders of the villages. Photos are permitted, but just run fast! Be warned that we are not responsible for lost items or injuries on the trip. Battle may come so be ready!

your guide,
Lazyweird1 :D
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[color=DarkGreen]Welcome to the Adventure Square, [B]lazyweird1[/B]!

Before you post anything here, please read carefully through the [B]Adventure Square Basics[/B], sticked to the top of the thread list. There you'll find out just how things work here.

This game is lacking most of the things required - a rating on the title, a sign-up sheet for the characters, a decent story and proper grammar. Please work on those before making another effort. I will have to close this one, now.

I suggest that you join a game created by another member first, as well. If you have any questions about this place, don't hesitate to send a private message to any of us moderators!


- Sandy[/color]
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