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Writing VeRtIgO


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[I]This is going to be a story much like the ponopticon and the maze. A bucnh of teenagers will be trying to survive in this weird dimmension. This place is called VeRtIgO. Please give me some feedback. I hate it when I waste my time and don't get replys. I know it's writer's luck, but still.[/I]


[I][COLOR=Navy]My hometown was always bleak. I would do crazy things with my friends to find enjoyment. The streets that were paved had cracks the size of whales in them. Not really whales, but hell, he cracks were huge. I had about 2 friends. Our school was so small due to the size of our town. There weren?t that many kids to hang out with, so I and my friends were together constantly. We loved our parents to death, but we never hung around them unless we were waking up.

Oh, sorry I didn?t introduce myself before, I just started this story, so don?t rush me people! Ahem, well my name is Conner. I?ve lived in the town of Micaville for as long as I can remember. I took my first steps at my grandparent?s house when I was 1. Ah, the memories. My friends Jonathan and Lauren would do anything for me. Hell when I lost my first girlfriend I threatened to jump off a bridge. They were in the water and they caught me. But the water was only 1 foot deep, so it was totally in vain.

Jonathan is about 5 inches taller than me; he is quiet and only breaks silence in front of Lauren and me. His room is dirty and filled with AC/DC posters. He loves classic rock, but I don?t. My favorite band has to be Breaking Benjamin. Lauren loves Evanescence with a passion. We started a band once with a couple of others at my school. It was fun but short lived.

Well you?re probably sleeping already so let?s get the story on the road. It?s filled with comedy, quirks and laughs? actually it?s pretty terrible. For us anyways, but I hope you don?t think the same as us.


I woke up on New Years Eve. We had a green Christmas, so we didn?t play in the snow that much. But now a fresh blanket of white glitter glistened on the ground. I called up Lauren to see if she wanted to do something. I dialed the number.

?Hey Lauren!? I shouted happily. I didn?t get an answer. I heard a sob over the phone. My smile quickly turned upside down. ?What?s the matter Lauren?? I asked. She didn?t answer. ?I asked, what?s the matter!? I knew I shouldn?t have shouted, but I wanted the answer. I heard a click on the other end. She hung up on me.

I called Jonathan, I go an answer almost the same. Something was going on and I didn?t like it at all. So I went over to their house. My parents were on vacation in Hawaii so I was home alone.

When I got to Lauren?s house I noticed no one besides her was there. When no on would com to the door I went to Jonathan?s. There It was the same. No one there and no one answered.

I walked to the park when I saw them sitting in the snow. They looked bored, or maybe sad. I waked over to see them crying. ?What the hell is going on guys? No one?s home, why??

Lauren?s head peeked up first. She didn?t say a word. Jonathan looked at me in the eyes. ?Check over the ridge?? he said. His voice was crackly.

The ridge was a cliff outside the town. It hung over a big hill, there we would look at the stars and dream about nonsense. We had fun there, as well as our first kisses. The memories we had were always great. There was also a meadow that was always in bloom, even during drought. We loved to watch the deer eat. But what I would see wouldn?t be those beautiful animals I came to see.

I looked at the cliff to see desolation everywhere. It seems hat the whole meadow was burned. But the burns didn?t look scattered, they were isolated in groups. Each group had three circles. It was pretty strange. Behind me Jonathan and Lauren came up to me. Lauren put her head on my shoulders and sobbed. I didn?t feel like asking anything. But I had to. It would kill me if I didn?t. ?What?s going on?? I had asked a pretty dumb question. Everybody in town was gone. I knew because usually a bunch of people are outside. The blue sky seemed awkward compared to the setting. Was our town just the target of a prank? Was some idiot trying to scare us by burning the meadow down? We had to get to the bottom of it. But what we would find we didn?t like at all.

So what do you think of my story so far? I know it doesn?t seem too deep, but you?d be wrong. Now you?re probably expecting me to say something about the story. And you?d be right. I might as well give you a preview of our current predicament. It seemed that the whole world had the same problems. Only few people in a town or city, the nature was burned down, and all that jazz. It was odd because now, after the story people don?t believe what we thought. We had found out secrets that would change the town forever.[/COLOR][/I]
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