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Yeah.... browsing some pictures a while ago i came across
Gohan with the Magic Sword in which Trunks had when
He defeated King Cold and such with. Well Gohan was also
dressed like Supreme Kai... I havn't caught much of the Buu
saga before, and what i have seen cartoon network just
covered. I was just wondering whats that about, when it comes
to pass, and all that little details your hearts would wish to
spill. Thanks.:nope:
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The sword Gohan has is the Z-Sword... also refered to as the Zetou sword which is technically incorrect... Ze is Z and the suffix -tou means Sword in Japanese so Zetou is just the name of it if you want to be completely correct.

The sword Trunks has is a totally different one. Although it is unknown where Trunks gets his sword in DBZ, he did get a sword from Tapion, which he used during GT. Mirai no Trunks (Future Trunks) has a sword of unknown origin, while Trunks in GT, or who would be Chibi Trunk in DBZ, got his sowrd from Tapion, seen in Movie 13.

Why is Gohan dressed like Kaoi-shin? because he is training under him to obtain the Mystik form, in which he will fight Buu and ladeda... Mystik form is a power well above that of Super Saiya-jin without even going Super Saiya-jin... basically Gohan's most powerful form is Mystik.
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well about the sword im thinking that future or mirai trunks has the same one cuz i have movie 13 and at the end it shows chibi trunks running with the sword on his back and then it plays the little theme song and ending and it shows future trunks fighting freeza with the sword and other clips of future trunks with his sword so thats why im thinking that its the same sword...
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