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Suggestions for gift art?


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[SIZE=1][FONT=Georgia]A birthday is coming up.. so me being artistic, I want to draw a picture for him.
* I can draw real faces and anime...

So I was thinking:
[B]1.[/B] An anime guy. But not some boring looking one.. one with lots of armor and weapons or something... it is for a guy so I don't want it to be cutesy.
[B]2.[/B] Someone from WoW..? But me, someone who's never played WoW in her life.. I really don't know what to choose from.. and I don't want to pick someone lame.

I'm really leaning towards the [U]first one[/U] because I feel more comfortable drawing anime since I'm used to it but I'm always up for a challenge. So being that... [U][B]can someone name a few guy characters for me to choose from?[/B][/U]

Thanks so much (in advance!)[/B]

* OH and lastly... I really didn't know where to post this since
A. It has to do with anime but I'm asking for advice.
B. It has to do with art, but once again I'm asking for advice...
So feel free to move this where it belongs because I have no clue where to put it. If anything maybe the Art Studio, but I didn't draw anything yet? Ugh so confusing :([/FONT][/SIZE] :animeshy:
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I don't think there's any problem with you posting this here, but you may get more informed reponses in the Art Studio - people here might have a better idea of what subject matter to go with, but Art Studio denizens might have good advice on format, styling, etc...

I'll leave it up to you. If you decide you're not getting the responses you want here, PM me and I'll shift you over to the Studio.
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