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  1. To me: Beauty is personality. Anyone can be "hott" But not everyone can have true beauty. I never tell a person with no personality that they are beautiful. It just seems like I'm lying to them.
  2. [quote name='The Boss'][color=darkred][size=1] So, I dare ask, has anyone else been in an interracial relationship? What are your views on the subject? Have you encountered these kind of public reactions from the relationship? And do you have any advice in dealing with rascist problems at home or abroad?[/color][/size][/QUOTE] No, I've never had one but I'm not against them either. I believe love has no color, no gender, no boundaries... As far as interracial relationships here (particularly black and white) they aren't well liked. This whole .... town is pretty racist. Some of my family members are racist but not to the extreme. Generally everyone around here scowls at interracial.. it reminds me of the way Linda's Mom acted at first in The Story of Bruce Lee. It's really a shame. (Not to mention I have a great attraction to Asians... so I can never be against interracial relationships even if I wanted to be) I wish I knew what to tell you. You can't change someone else's mind... :(
  3. Reminds me of the myspace the movie [link: [u][url=""]here[/url][/u]] Chapter 2: The bulletin. Hahahah. No, a crazy drunk hunter will not knock at your door asking for circus peanuts. He won't taunt you with a duck call and a deer head or lead you on a chase. You won't get shot in the back with an arrow. and you most definitely not meet a singing fish at the last moments of your life. There's no point into believing them. They usually are ridiculous stories anyways.
  4. I don't like working in groups because fingers are automatically pointed at me to do everything. I hate it. When I say something about it, they act like they don't do it. I had to do this whole powerpoint project by myself because everyone's so lazy.... they expect me to do it too.
  5. I think you should at least be able to count change before becoming a cashier... that's the only thing that has really bothered me.
  6. Pain is something many people can't seem to handle. It's nice to hear that there are still people who can handle their own pain (either mental or physical). Some run to drinking (as it is a form of depressant), some take pills (either OD or depression pills), some have to take it all in because they have no one to talk to, and some.... can't handle pain at all. It's incredible how many different forms people handle pain. But without pain and loss, how would you ever appreciate love and life?
  7. [FONT=Georgia][SIZE=1]I love Meggio's signature and avatar mostly because I love Romeo x Juliet. It's a very beautifully made anime and the signature is very beautiful also! I like the question at the end. I guess mostly because it affects you and everyone around you ;P You can never be too cautious I suppose. Also I guess you like to write or vent, because you have a livejournal. Maybe you have a talent in writing but I did not read your livejournal, I could not say for myself haha. [/SIZE][/FONT]
  8. [quote name='Curse] Honestly, I love [u]Memoirs of a Geisha[/u] and [u]Stray[/u'] by Kathe Kujo.[/quote] [SIZE=1][FONT=Georgia]You should try out [u]Geisha, A Life[/u] by Mineko Iwasaki. That's who Arthur Golden leeched off of. She was a legendary geisha. That is a true memoir. I did love the movie but there were so many LIES about geisha's... that I read more into it. I tend to be a little biased about Arthur Golden now. Since he was suppose to keep her name confidential (since you aren't suppose to talk about this tradition amongst others) and he disobeyed that. And none the less ... geisha's aren't prostitutes. Okay I'm done ranting. But really you should read about Mineko Iwasaki. :) Her story is beautiful.[/FONT][/SIZE]
  9. [SIZE=1][FONT=Georgia]Everyone is confusing one way or another... Just be careful... people do have backup "boyfriends" You know just in case they can't get what they want.. they will move on. But feelings can linger. So like I said be careful! Maybe she's just a little confused. Ever try having a conversation with her about it?[/FONT][/SIZE]
  10. [FONT=Georgia][SIZE=1][U][URL=""]Useful English Lessons For Everyday Life[/URL][/U] Me and my sister stumbled across that one. I love it. I don't really know why but I do. [U][URL=""]The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny[/URL][/U] My friend, Drew, knows that song by heart. [U][URL=""]Anabukin-chan[/URL][/U] I don't know??? [U][URL=""]ANNA BOT[/URL][/U] Can you believe that was a popular song? It sounds pretty good even if you don't read the subtitles :) [U][URL=""]BANANA BOAT SONG from Beetlejuice[/U][/url][/SIZE][/FONT]
  11. [FONT=Georgia][SIZE=1]Well I hope you don't let this college thing ruin your senior year. Yeah, be prepared by doing your FAFSA's and get some scholarships if possible but don't stress yourself over it. If you aren't completely sure of what you want to major, remember that you are not the only one. They have programs for students who are still confused with their major. There are a lot of students who don't know what they want to major in. You won't be the only one! Do not worry yourself![/SIZE][/FONT]
  12. [QUOTE=ChibiHorsewoman][color=#9933ff][font=lucida calligraphy]Okay would you rather: Be able to eat whatever you want and not gain weight, but everything tastes like paste [center]or[/center] Be able to eat whatever you want, but everything tastes like it's going to burn your insides?[/color][/font][/QUOTE] [FONT=Georgia][SIZE=1]I would rather eat whatever I want and not gain weight... but everything tastes like paste only because I wouldn't enjoy the food I ate if it just burned my stomach everytime. [CENTER]Would you rather: Never be able to show emotions or feel emotions [B]OR[/B] Never be able to move again[/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER]
  13. [FONT=Georgia][SIZE=1][x] I think Aqua Teen Hunger Force is probably one of the funniest shows I've ever watched. [x] I'm incredibly short. ( well not a midget but I'm 5'1" .. ) [x] I watch a lot of movies... We rent like 6 or 7 every time we go to the movie store (every Tuesday!) [x] I draw awesomely. [x] I'm planning on majoring in Cyber Security :) uhhhhhhhhh that's it for now :D[/SIZE][/FONT]
  14. [FONT=Georgia][SIZE=1]Math was my favorite subject when we did algebra. I took calculus last year and it wasn't too bad but my favorite math is algebra. I like figuring things out. I despise geometry. 1. Uhhhhhh considering I got all A's on my report card >_> I don't really know what I'm the best at. I'm going to say English or History. But I did very well in calculus. I enjoyed English class because she's a great teacher and I had a lot of fun. 2. I HATED CHEMISTRY. I thought that we were going to be cool and have all these awesome labs and blow things up. NOPE. BORING. :| The teacher was nice but the pace was slow. I work at fast pace so when I start getting bored with a given subject I start hating it. There were 2 idiots in the class that slowed it down. :([/SIZE][/FONT]
  15. [FONT=Georgia][SIZE=1]Well in reality you can probably answer that question for yourself. It's complicated for everyone (at first), I'm sure... I've went through the whole thing myself. In the end I just found that guys are much more attractive (to me) than girls who moan and complain all the time. As mentioned you had said you lived in a homophobic town. I've went to a homophobic school in which football players would pound homosexual guys. (For some reason homosexuality in girls was alright to them hahaha) If you think it's best to keep it a secret so that you can avoid all of that unnecessary pain, then go for it. But it's not going to be easy either way you look at it. People will find out. They always do. I never know how people find out... even ones you've never even known. Just be careful if you want to keep it to yourself. My Uncle is homosexual and he moved out of this state into a more accepting region. People are cruel. Honestly please be careful. I couldn't tell you how horrible my old school was.[/SIZE][/FONT]