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Tetra of sound

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Many whispers could be heard as she walked through Konoha. None dared to say a word to the girl. They feared her. She only wanted to find a person to be her sensei. Many thought,and wondered, what a lone genin from the sound village was doing in Konoha.

She went to buy a popsicle.

"One popsicle, please."

" H-Here! Just take them all!", the man said, scared for his life.

She had never been feared. She wondered if he was all right.

She spoke to nobody. She just sat in a corner, isolated from all people.

Her name is Tetra. She has never been to Konoha but one time, and never spoke since.
She is Orochimaru's only child. She is, surprisingly, nothing like him.

Will anyone show her compassion?
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[color=DarkGreen]Hey, Tetra of Sound!

Please read through the [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=44317][B]Adventure Square Basics[/B][/url] before rushing into making your own RPG. We have several requirements here for the games, all of which you can learn from the link above. These include a rating, a sign-up sheet for the characters and a background story of decent length and contents.

I would heartily suggest that you only keep to joining other people's games for now, so that you'll learn how things work first.

As for this thread, I'm going to have to close it now, since it is frankly so poorly done.

But remember that in case you feel lost, you can always send a private message to me or one of the other moderators.

- Sandy

*thread closed*[/color]
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