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The mind is a complex part of the human body but even more misunderstood is the human's imagination. Every person sees, feels and thinks about the world differently and these thoughts create ideas and images within their head which are unique to them alone. Their ideas can be simple to very advanced and no one person will see it the same way. Ideas give birth to some of man's greatest inventions and its most beautiful art. They are the cause of peace and the starting of wars but all the same ideas are only images, thoughts of the mind. Something must happen first to make an idea or dream become reality...

New York, one of Amercia's most busiest cities has for the past few weeks been bombarded with disturbances, its once bustling streets have begun to quiten. The police have been reported with increasing disturbances and murders of late. However the police suspect the crimes not somethng performed by a loose killer or some criminal gang. The crime scenes have been splatted with blood, the corspe literally ripped apart. Inhuman footprints and handmarks have been left on the walls and floors close to their victim with strange teethmarks left on the body. None of the bodies appear to be any of those who have dissappeared, people who some fear are the unlucky ones.

The police are not the only ones feeling uneasy during these times. The citizens have noticed it too. The strange sounds echoing through the night, the sound of heavy footsteps from the alleyways and the abnormal moving of shadows where its most dark. People recently have been staying clear of such areas in New York or deciding not to go out all together. The news finally hit the city big time when it was when it was released in the local paper. People demanded action to be taken before something so mysterious got even worse. After much discussion within the city council, it was decided there would be an immediate evacuation until this problem was sorted and the safety of the city was assured. Those who dared were allowed to stay behind at there own risk. A twist was about to unfold.
Back story:
You are one of the people/or part of a family whos decided to leave the city during the crisis. A few days before the move, you are blessed (or cursed - your personal view) with a guardian, the being appearing before you in an event of some kind. You realise that this guardian is something from your dreams/imagination/an idea when you were little (you get the picture) only made solid. The guardian knows exactly who you are but doesn't know how it got into the real world. This event is but a first that will trigger a series which will send you, your guardian and others like you on an adventure to learn more about the murders and eventually a much more horrifying truth.

Your guardian will be your companion and protector during the RPG. They will appear when you are have a strong emotional need (scared from being attacked, lonely, sad and want someone to comfort you etc) and stay by yourside eversince. The guardian itself will be a creature which you had created in your mind or imagination some point in your life which ment something to you. They will have no memory on how they became real but will have full account of you and your life since they were created. They will have powers/abilities/weapons you had designed them with which will help protect through your journey.

Although not natural and hard to kill, they still have needs such as resting, eating etc. Their main weakness is you. They are sustained by your life and as long as your close they will be at full strength. The further a guardian moves away from their creator, the less grip they have on reality to hold on to. Too far and they could fade away all together. The most important is if you their creator is killed, they will cease to be as well. Another good reason why they protect you. As most guardians have powers some of this might not be true.


Age: (12-24)
Gender: (M or F?)
Description: (What does your character look like? As much as you can describe)
Personality: (How does your character act?)


Gender: (M,F... Neither?)
Description: (Whats your guardian look like. As much as you can describe)
Personality: (How does your guardian act?)
Power/Ability: [ Nothing too extreme here please]

I will post mine later.
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