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Request Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Banner and Avi Request.


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[color=crimson][size=1]Alright, I haven't been here in a real long while. Heh. But now I've returned to ask for something that I can't make myself, because of my messed up copy of Photoshop failing on me. But, that isn't the point, now is it?

Anyway, I'd like a banner 300x100 in size. On it, I'd like to have Darth Sion. I would like the text on the banner to read, "Pain is Absolution." The avatar 150x80 and just have Darth Sion on it, no text.

Thanks to whoever completes this. I'll take multiple submissions and voice my opinions on them.

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I only added tiny sparks to the original image that I found, and nothing else. Hope you like it. ;)


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